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Susan Kleiser

Teaching Professor
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  383 Mendoza College of Business
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Susan Bardi Kleiser, Ph.D., is Teaching Professor in Marketing at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to joining the faculty in the Mendoza School of Business, she served as a faculty member for 17 years in the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. Susan’s teaching and research interests include consumer decision making, marketing research and analytics, product and brand management, digital marketing and social media, as well as business ethics and international marketing. Her research has been published in numerous scholarly journals and conference proceedings in marketing, business and psychology. Susan’s teaching portfolio, for which she has won a top teaching award, encompasses a wide variety of courses including international experiences in Europe and thesis advising. Susan has led and served on many academic committees, and has actively served in the community at large.

Ph D, University of Cincinnati
BBA, University of Notre Dame

Areas of Expertise
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Business Ethics

"Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy", (With David Mothersbaugh, Del. Hawkins), McGraw Hill, 2020