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Yoonseock Son

Assistant Professor
IT, Analytics, and Operations
  345 Mendoza College of Business
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Yoonseock (Yoon) Son is an Assistant Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations at the University of Notre Dame. His research interests include economics of information systems, mobile strategy, artificial intelligence business strategies, and omnichannel marketing. He is also interested in examining both the dark and bright sides of emerging consumer channels and how these channels influence consumer behaviors. He has collaborated with firms from various industry sectors, including telecom, finance, and online commerce. In his research, he mainly uses empirical research methods including econometric analyses and randomized field experiments. His research has been published in Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Journal of Operations Management, as well as in multiple leading conferences.

Ph D, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
MS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Techonology (KAIST)
BS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

"Value of Centralized IT in Building Resilience During Crises: Evidence from U.S. Higher Education’s Transition to Emergency Remote Teaching", (With Jiyong Park, Corey Angst), MIS Quarterly, 47, 2023

"The Voice of Commerce: How Smart Speakers Reshape Digital Content Consumption and Preference", (With Wonseok Oh, Il Im), MIS Quarterly - Accepted (awaiting publication)

"Effectiveness of Integrated Offline-and-Online Promotions in Omnichannel Targeting: A Randomized Field Experiment", (With Seung Yoon Lee, Wonseok Oh), Journal of Management Information Systems, 38, 2021

"When Loyalty Goes Mobile: Effects of Mobile Loyalty Apps on Purchase, Redemption, and Competition", (With Wonseok Oh, Sang Pil Han, Sungho Park), Information Systems Research, 31, 2020

"Impact of Customers' Digital Banking Adoption on Hidden Defection: A Combined Analytical-Empirical Approach", (With Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon, Giri Kumar Tayi, Wonseok Oh), Journal of Operations Management, 66, 2020

"ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award, Runner-Up", INFORMS, 2020

"Doctoral Consortium Nominee", ICIS, 2019

"Best Dissertation Award", KAIST, 2019

"Ph.D. Excellent Research Award", KAIST, 2019

"Rhee Seung-Kyu Dissertation Award", Ph.D. Alumni Association of KAIST College of Business, 2019

"Best Paper Award", KMIS, 2019

"Doctoral Consortium Nominee", PACIS, 2019