Mendoza School of Business

The Thomas H. Quinn Lecture Series

The Thomas H. Quinn Lecture Series is an annual event hosted by the Mendoza College of Business to honor the Notre Dame alumnus and former member and chair of Mendoza’s Business Advisory Council. Quinn earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Notre Dame in 1969 and was a football monogram winner and member of the 1966 national championship team.

Quinn was a managing partner and member of the investment committee and management committee of private investment firm The Jordan Company as well as the president and chief operating officer of Chicago-based Jordan Industries Inc. Quinn died April 29, 2016, at the age of 68. The Quinn Lecture is sponsored by Notre Dame alumnus and trustee John W. “Jay” Jordan II, Quinn’s college roommate, longtime friend and business partner.

Fall 2022


Tom V. Morris

Tom is one of the world’s top public philosophers and pioneering business thinkers. He’s the author of over 30 groundbreaking books and is a legendary speaker whose electrifying talks reengage people around their deepest values and reignite their passion for work and life. He’s now available by Zoom and other platforms as well as for in person talks to serve any business navigating our currently radical and disruptive change, bringing real wisdom to the challenge. As of Summer 2021, he is also offering consulting and advising services to a few executive clients. Contact Tom through the world’s oldest address,, to connect.

Performance. Leadership. Success. Change. Commitment. Imagine the wisdom of Yoda, Gandalf, and Dumbledore, rolled together and linked to the spirit and energy of the world’s most winning athletic coaches. Stir in the unexpected humor of a Seinfeld or Fallon, and you have an idea of what Tom’s audiences experience. Bring him to your next event and find out why so many people call him, “The best speaker ever!” Today, he’s the philosophical guide for virtual events worldwide.

Tom’s newest book, hot off the press, is Plato’s Lemonade Stand: Stirring Change into Something Great. You know the old adage: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Everyone says it but nobody explains how to do it. Finally, the deepest wisdom of the great practical philosophers on how to move from difficulty to delight, and into that far country beyond the valuable qualities of resilience and grit, where true transformation happens. There is an art of change that can be applied to any challenge or adversity, a sort of spiritual alchemy that can use the sour lemons that come out way for truly great lemonade. This book gives the universal recipe for dealing well with challenge and leading change wisely and well!

Fall 2019

Author, The Culture Code
Bestselling author, The Little Book of Talent
Contributing editor, Outside magazine
“The Culture Code: Unlocking the New Science of Successful Groups”

3:30pm, November 15
Mendoza College of Business’ Jordan Auditorium

Lecture is free and open to the public.

Daniel Coyle is the award-winning, NY Times-bestselling author of several books on leadership and performance, including The Talent Code, The Little Book of Talent, and his newest book, The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups.

The Culture Code was named one of Best Books of 2018 by Bloomberg and one of Amazon’s Best Business and Leadership Books. The book takes you inside some of the world’s most high-performing organizations includ¬ing Pixar, the San Antonio Spurs, and Navy SEALs Team Six, to demystify the culture-building process and provide simple, actionable tools that can spark buy-in, boost trust, and strengthen your organization’s culture.

A 1987 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Coyle is a contributing editor at Outside magazine and has written for Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine, and Play.

Fall 2017

Exponential Tech: Innovation & Disruption on the Road Ahead

Peter H. Diamandis
International Pioneer in Innovation
Co-Founder of Singularity University
Fortune’s “The Worlds’s 50 Greatest Leaders”

The event if free and open to the public.

September 8, 2017
4:00pm – 5:15pm

Mendoza College of Business, Jordan Auditorium

A pioneer in commercial spaceflight, Diamandis’ talk will describe the power of “exponential tech,” a phrase that refers to technology’s potential to bring about revolutionary change to business, health care, education and lifestyles in general on a global basis.  Diamandis cites the large-scale disruptions already brought about by “exponential entrepreneurs” that have created companies such as Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX and Tesla.

Sponsored by the Thomas H. Quinn Lecture Series.