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Our Core Narrative.

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

As we approach 100 years since the founding of the Mendoza College of Business in 1921, we are reaffirming our commitment to a core narrative that powerfully unites our past—the faith-based principles upon which we were founded—with the arc of our evolving curriculum, the ambitions of a new generation of students, and the unceasing dedication of our faculty, staff, and alumni community. We reaffirm our commitment to grow the good in business by shaping future business leaders who are dedicated to personal growth, social responsibility, and a moral purpose that benefits society. Many of you have contributed to the process we have undertaken to arrive at this brand story.
Your perspectives and ideas have been invaluable.

This narrative, and the architecture that underlies it, is a foundation from which we will together activate and animate the journey of our students—from application, through matriculation, graduation, and beyond. It represents a commitment to them, composed of a deliberate set of promises that we will measure ourselves against as we enter our next century. We invite each of you to join us in bringing these promises to life. We look forward to working with you in fulfilling this bold ambition.

Martijn Cremers
Martin J. Gillen Dean and
The Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance

Timothy Bohling
Chief Marketing and Graduate Enrollment Officer
and Teaching Professor of Marketing


At the intersection of personal growth, business growth, and societal growth. The integration of personal development, a commitment to the betterment of business, and the good of all stakeholders. The creation of lasting value in one’s career, for one’s organization, and in service of universal human flourishing.


The Three C’s that are necessary to grow the good in any business ecosystem: Contribute. We contribute to a better future for all humanity—as leaders who serve the greater good. Cooperate. We cooperate with everyone around us—with a special focus on those with the greatest needs. Compete. We compete in the marketplace by growing toward the best version of ourselves—and through helping others do the same.


The fundamental commitments that shape our curricula and differentiate our programs of study.

Integral Leadership Development: We grow the good in business by developing servant leaders who are committed to personal growth, business growth, and contributing to society at large—especially those with the greatest needs.

Experiential Learning on the Front Lines: We grow the good in business by giving students real-world experiences that allow them to develop, apply, and hone their evolving skills—all in the service of real challenges at the intersection of business and society.

A Community of Mutual Advancement: We grow the good in business by creating a culture in which we succeed together, in solidarity, sharing priorities in recognition of a shared purpose to contribute to human flourishing. The Notre Dame community—fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni—is here to support and inspire each student to achieve all they can in business and all they can for the world.


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