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Certificate in Executive Management

Develop a Broader Understanding of Your Organization

The Certificate in Executive Management is designed to give transitioning managers more than just the skills and knowledge they need to take on greater responsibilities. You will develop a broader perspective to lead at a general manager’s level. You can also take individual modules to develop specific expertise if the entire certificate is not required.

This certificate program helps you transition into a management role or reinvigorate your proficiency in your current role. It offers the opportunity to “look up from your desk” and become familiar with the factors that affect the total enterprise. Designed for business owners, partners, executives, and key managers who have had success in one area, this overview prepares you for expanded responsibilities and greater understanding of the business as a whole.

Designed for Managers and Leaders

Over the course of four modules spanning two to three days each, you’ll be introduced to a range of topics covered in MBA programs. You’ll learn the latest business, marketing, accounting, and finance strategies and gain the managerial and leadership skills to contribute at the highest levels of your organization. The program focuses on practical information that you can apply immediately, covering topics such as Design Thinking, Innovation, and Change Management. Most important, you will understand how the different functions of your company come together, and you will gain a broader, general manager’s perspective on implementing change in your organization.

A University of Notre Dame certificate will be awarded to each participant upon completion. Upon request, 7.7 CEUs (continuing education units) and 92.7 CPEs (continuing professional education units) can be awarded.

This program is approved for use of GI Bill® education benefits for qualified individuals.

For more information, call Vickie Maris at (574) 631-4099 or email us to learn more.  

Registration Fee

Investment for an individual attending the entire four-module program:

  • For-profit organization: $5,615
  • Nonprofit organization: $4,492
  • Additional attendees from the same organization, attendees from past sponsoring organizations, and members of the South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce: $5,054

Investment for an individual taking a single module:

  • Module 1—Leadership Essentials: $1,420
  • Module 2—Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers: $1,775
  • Module 3—Leading the Strategic Enterprise: $1,775
  • Module 4—Applied Leadership Skills: $1,420

Enroll now.

Note:  Fees include instruction, educational materials and supplies, and any simulations that are part of the curriculum. Please note that lodging is not included. The full fee is due prior to the start of the program, or at the start of the modules if they are being taken individually. Cancellations must be submitted three weeks prior to the start of a session or you will be subject to the full fee.

Upcoming Session Dates

All sessions take place at the Stayer Center for Executive Education, University of Notre Dame. You may attend one or more modules. 

Module 1—Leadership Essentials, March 26-27, 2019

Certificate In Executive Management Module 1 Schedule

Module 2—Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers, May 22-23, 2019

Certificate In Executive Management Module 2 Schedule

Module 3—Leading the Strategic Enterprise, September 24-26, 2019

Certificate In Executive Management Module 3 Schedule

Module 4—Applied Leadership Skills, November 5-7, 2019

Certificate In Executive Management Module 4 Schedule

Register for full certificate or individual modules at least three weeks prior to the start of given module to allow enough time to complete the reading assignments before the program. Exceptions are made to this depending on the specific module and circumstance. Enroll now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there homework and how much?

There is homework to prepare for each module. This pre-work extends the learning and prepares you for better understanding of the material presented in the module. It is recommended that you register at least one to three weeks before each module (if you are registering for the modules one at a time) to allow time for completion of the pre-work. 

Are there exams or research papers?

Almost all of the assignments outside of class are reading—articles, case studies, or short chapters—or viewing an instructional video. Occasionally there is a small online activity that we ask you to complete. There are no term papers assigned and there are no exams.

Do I receive a grade?

Because the course does not include any graded assignments, no grade is given for the program.

Does the program carry college credit?

The Certificate in Executive Management program is a professional development certificate program and does not carry college credit. We can however grant 7.7 CEUs and 92.7 CPEs upon course completion at your request. The CEU (continuing education unit) is a universally recognized measurement of classroom contact hours. The CPE is a measurement of classroom contact hours recognized by the accounting profession.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors in the program are professors who teach Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate business classes and in Notre Dame executive development programs. Each topic is taught by an instructor who is a specialist in his or her field. Therefore you will have the opportunity to experience perspectives and expertise specific to each topic presented.

Are there any additional expenses, such as books, that need to be purchased?

The price of the program includes all materials—books, presentation materials, business cases, parking, meals, and assessments. There are no additional fees.

Upon the successful completion of this program, the participant will receive a document certifying that the participant completed the program. The document will not qualify as an academic credential, and the recipient will not earn any academic credits at the University of Notre Dame in connection with the program. Participants in the program are not students at the University of Notre Dame, and completion of the program does not qualify any participant for status as an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame.

Kara Mcguire

"It is challenging to make time for mentorship but the Certificate in Executive Management program provided additional day-to-day tools that remind me to focus on people and what each employee can bring to the overall goals of the company.  When each person is mentored and utilized to their fullest potential, everyone wins."

Kara McGuire
Executive Vice President
Bradley Company
South Bend, IN


Jim Hutton

"I found the Certificate in Executive Management program offers an important, broadening framework for people like me and my team, who all have deep technical mastery. Now we walk, talk and quack more like business people. Notre Dame has helped me build my team's internal brand."

Jim Hutton
Director, Global Security
Procter & Gamble      
Cincinnati, OH

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