Nonprofit Executive Programs

Nonprofit Certificate Education

Nonprofit Certificate Education

The Nonprofit Professional Development certificate programs focus on busy nonprofit leaders who are committed to professional and personal growth. Continuous education is in demand because the nonprofit sector is changing at the speed of thought. In addition, many who work in the nonprofit sector come to it from different disciplines, and few have higher education degrees in management or philanthropic studies.

We collaborate with a variety of partners to design quality programs that align well with the special needs of different networks of service providers. Yet all such programs share a common focus on visionary leadership on the one hand, and on new tools for better organizational management on the other. The combination of vision and practical tools really empowers participants to lead their organizations into a preferred future.

—Thomas J. Harvey, Luke McGuinness Director of Nonprofit Professional Development

A significant number of nonprofit professionals do not have the time to commit two or more years of their lives to obtain another degree. Yet they still need the knowledge of how to manage their organizations into the future. Our programs build necessary business skills while accommodating your schedule.


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