MS in Business Analytics - Chicago

  • Offered at our Chicago Campus
    12-month program based in Chicago at our Michigan Ave. campus.

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“The Notre Dame MSBA program creates leaders who understand both the world of analytics and the business context. Our graduates help businesses apply analytic principles and techniques in an ethical manner to unlock the value hidden in their data, leading to improved decision-making." Mike Chapple,  Academic Director

  • Location We are located on Notre Dame’s historic campus in South Bend and downtown Chicago, on Michigan Ave.
  • Why get an MSBA?
    • Maximize your innate curiosity for insights and understanding
    • Give you tools and context to understand the transformational power of data
    • Build your confidence to put ideas into motion and create positive change for your organization
  • Typical Student
    • Forward-thinking working professionals with at least two years work experience who possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university
    • Business men and women with a sufficient comfort level with quantitative topics
    • Those who prefer to have personal classroom interaction with faculty
    • Those who want to embrace and be a part of the future
  • Format
    • 12-month program based in Chicago at our Michigan Ave. campus
    • Classes meet on alternating weekends (Fri/Sat; 8am-5:30pm)
    • Three multi-day intensive sessions at Notre Dame's historic campus
    • Three credit hour practicum with a prominent company
  • 12

    Number of months it takes to earn your MSBA

  • 12

    Number of industries our students represent

  • 30

    Number of credit hours needed to complete the MSBA

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MSBA - Chicago


MBA/MSBA Dual Degree

MBA with Business Analytics Concentration

Degree(s) Conferred


STEM Certification

Yes Yes Yes for MSBA No

Credit Hours Required

30 30 68 64 with 12 credits from BANA curriculum

Elective Credits Allowed

Students experience the full program with a set cohort following a designed course sequence
4 credit hours of MSBA electives. 
These are available in the spring semester
10 credit hours of MSBA electives. 
Note: 6 MSBA credits are incorporated into the MBA core
Number of electives varies by individual choice of academic plan


1 Calendar Year 1 Academic Year 2 Academic Years 2 Academic Years

Class Sessions

Biweekly on Fridays & Saturdays with 3 multi-day immersions Two 6-week modules per semester + 1 week interterm


Chicago Michigan Avenue Campus
with Immersions at main Notre Dame campus in South Bend
Main Notre Dame Campus in South Bend


Mike Chapple And Student

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Notre Dame MSBA program equips actively employed business professionals with advanced techniques in data analytics and decision science. Our students develop expertise in areas such as data mining and visualization, statistics, modeling, optimization and simulation on data sets—all of which impact the operations, finance and marketing decisions for companies across industries. Candidates wrestle with ethical challenges of data management, including issues such as identity protection, privacy, ownership of information and corporate reputation. Through a capstone experiential consulting opportunity, our students work with live data and an actual client’s business challenge.

  • Program Length: 1 year
  • Average Age: 30
  • Work Experience: 2 years minimum