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Matt  Bloom

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Matt Bloom is the Principle Investigator of the Wellbeing at Work Program ( in which he and his team studying flourishing among the helping and caring professions. Matt has received over $6.2 million in grant funding to support his research. He leads an interdisciplinary team of ten researchers and staff who work together to learn how to sustain helping and care-giving professionals in their work. The team uses large-scale surveys, narrative interviews, and daily life studies to explore wellbeing. The team is also actively engaged in translational research--working with partner organizations to turn research insights into practice. Failing to follow the good advice of his parents, Matt has had a circuitous career. Before becoming a professor, Matt worked as a paramedic, as an orderly in a psychiatric hospital, as a consultant for Arthur Young and a financial advisor for Shearson Lehman Brothers.

Areas of Expertise

Wellbeing at work

Innovation and design thinking


BS, Baker University

MA, University of Kansas

Ph D, Cornell University


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