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Sophie  Shive

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Sophie Shive is an Associate Professor of Finance at Notre Dame.  She graduated from Cornell University with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Hotel Administration-Finance and from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D. in Finance. She has taught courses in Introductory Finance, Investment Theory and Private Equity at Notre Dame, as well as Capital Markets and Portfolio Management at the University of Michigan.

Areas of Expertise

Private equity, mutual funds, market efficiency.


Ph D, University of Michigan

MS, Cornell University

BS, Cornell University


Private Equity


"When the bellwether dances to noise: evidence from exchange-traded funds", (with Zhi Da), to appear in European Financial Management.

"Pricing Kernel Monotonicity and Conditional Information", (with Matthew Linn, Tyler Shumway), to appear in Review of Financial Studies.

"Are mutual funds sitting ducks?", (with Hayong Yun), Journal of Financial Economics, 107, 2013.

"Local Investors, Price Discovery and Market Efficiency", Journal of Financial Economics, 104, 2012.

"Mispricing of dual-class shares: Profit opportunities, arbitrage and trading", (with Paul Schultz), Journal of Financial Economics, 98, 2010.

"An Epidemic Model of Investor Behavior", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 45, 2010.

"Patriotism In Your Portfolio", (with Adair Morse), to appear in Journal of Financial Markets, 14, 2010.