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Madelyn Waumans, MSF '23

Author: Madelyn Waumans

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My name is Madelyn Waumans, I graduated from Notre Dame in May 2023 with a Master’s of Science in Finance (MSF). The student life element of my experience is something I’m passionate about. I hope that by sharing my experiences and love for this University, others will be as passionate about it as I am.

Madelyn Waumans, MSF ’23

My story may be a little different from most, as I grew up a part of a Notre Dame family so Notre Dame school spirit has been instilled in me since I was a baby. Nonetheless, I wanted to come to Notre Dame despite my father’s last burning desire to have one of his kids graduate from here, but also because of how special I knew this place was.

I did not have the privilege of attending Notre Dame as an undergraduate, however, I believe in the undeniable support all students receive when they step on campus. It takes a certain kind of person to come to this University and I have learned from this past year that it’s about the relationships you build during your time here. Whether that be lifelong friendships, faculty mentors, or alumni networking connections for your future career aspirations, the people you meet will have the biggest impact on your life.

My peers in the MSF cohort taught me so much. Getting to learn alongside such intelligent students from various backgrounds challenges you to no end, allowing you to grow as a student and person. Developing a close relationship with each of my peers in the cohort is what made my experience great. I learned how to get outside my comfort zone, try new things, ask questions, and challenge myself in the classroom.

As a student-athlete at Notre Dame, I was also challenged in other ways to manage my time across both athletics and academics while also navigating a social life. The MSF program challenges you with rigorous coursework and oftentimes I struggled to manage my time to complete various assignments. The unique thing about this program is how tight-knit it is. We work together in teams all year long, which provides support to each individual student as well as teaches us many life skills about working as a unit in the real world.

Whether you are one of our many student-athletes competing on the field or just a huge sports fan, it is hard not to get involved in athletics on this campus. The best advice I got coming into the program was to treat my days like a 9-5, using my time wisely throughout the day to complete my schoolwork. It is important to lean on each other in the cohort and never be afraid to ask for help.

Lastly I will say that Notre Dame culture is all about getting involved. I would encourage each student to take advantage of opportunities to explore different interests. This could mean, yes Notre Dame football, but also campus ministry, bookstore basketball, or the MSF Fighting Irish Capital student investment fund. Go Irish!

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