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MSA Graduate Lands Successful Career Combining Accounting and Real Estate

Author: Bryan Fields

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When Sam Lett, MSA ’22, considered his future while earning an undergraduate degree, advice from his employer and mentor inspired him to follow a new direction. Combining his experience in real estate with a M.S. in Accountancy (MSA) degree could help him build a more successful career.

Sam Lett MSA ’22

The Arizona native worked an internship at a real estate asset management firm while earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. While he reflected on his future, the firm’s owner recommended the advantages of an accounting degree.

“My supervisor advocated for a path in accounting because of the returns she had gotten from her degree,” he said. “An accounting degree gives you foundational knowledge for many industries.”

Lett decided to pursue his MSA at Mendoza because of its national rankings and the power of the connections it offers. “I saw the strength of the Notre Dame community and alumni network, both nationally and globally, and what I could accomplish.”

Once in the program, he enjoyed the diversity of his classmates and instructors. “I saw other students from all over the country, from every university you could think of with a breadth of backgrounds and experiences. The professors also had diverse backgrounds, from publishing research to having retired from a successful career as a C-suite executive.”

Although the courses helped him pass the CPA exam, Lett appreciated that they weren’t just memorization or test prep. “Those exams have been one of the toughest things in my life and the rigorous curriculum at Mendoza prepared me for handling that.”

Now a risk and financial advisory analyst at Deloitte in Chicago, Lett said the firm was so impressed with his degree and background that he joined its advisory team with a focus on real estate.

“The combination of my experience and education meant I knew the complexities behind financial matters in real estate,” he said. “I saw the ROI of the degree. I’ve had people senior to me come to me with questions.”

Lett has also seen how accounting opens doors. “Accounting is the language of business so if you understand that language you can be successful in whatever you do. Mendoza makes sure you understand. The professors weren’t just there to lecture. They were there after hours to be your mentor.”

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