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Notre Dame Graduate Transforms Career Trajectory with Mendoza’s MSF Program

Author: Bryan Fields

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Michael Lynch, MSF ’22, didn’t know until late in his undergraduate studies at Notre Dame that he wanted to pivot to a career in finance. That left him at a disadvantage, because he was an economics major and jobs in finance often require lining up internships and gaining experience in finance early. Earning his M.S. in Finance (MSF) degree at Mendoza served as a critical stepping stone that allowed him to reach his goal.

Michael Lynch MSF ’22

“In investment banking, you interview for positions starting your sophomore year,” Lynch said. “There aren’t too many positions outside of that funnel. Having the MSF on my resume helped me get interviews I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

His experience not only gave him the skills he needed, but also valuable relationships. The small size of the program’s cohort meant closer bonds with fellow students. It also meant faculty were especially open to feedback and helpful with classwork and career advice. He appreciated that help so much that he wanted to help others as a teaching assistant.

“I enjoyed giving back to ND and everyone affiliated,” he said.

He also gives back by serving on the Mendoza Corporate Advisory Board (CAB). “On the CAB, we offer input on the direction of the program and prepare students for careers in finance and related fields. I enjoy helping students who aren’t sure what to do with their degree, especially since I was in the first class and didn’t have that help at the time.”

Originally from Cocoa Beach, Fla., Lynch now works as an investment banking analyst at financial services firm Raymond James in Chicago. He said the program made it possible to get where he is today.

“I wouldn’t be in this position without the master’s degree,” he said. “They did a good job setting up the curriculum to teach real-world things you do every day. That foundational knowledge gives you the skill set to learn and adapt in whatever role in finance you want.”

Lynch wants others to know they can get the same great experience he had. “There’s no better place than Notre Dame. It has world-class faculty with an amazing character and quality of people on campus. And you’ll heavily benefit from the alumni network. I have so many stories of people who helped me.”

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