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One MSM Student is Blending Neuroscience with Business

Author: Grace Bradley

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Hello! My name is Grace Bradley and I am from Dayton, Ohio. Prior to being a graduate student in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program, I attended the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate degree and am excited to become a Double Domer. On campus as an undergrad, I studied neuroscience and behavior with the Glynn Family Honors Program and had a minor in compassionate care in medicine. I absolutely loved learning about the brain and its impacts on our everyday behavior.

MSM Student Grace Bradley

During my junior year, I decided I didn’t want to go to medical school, but still wanted to work in the healthcare field. So, I began looking for jobs in healthcare on the business side. However, I was nervous about throwing myself headfirst into business without ever having taken a business class at the Mendoza College of Business.

In March of my senior year, I heard about the MSM program and how it’s meant for people who are interested in business, but have no prior experience. I also knew that I didn’t want to leave Notre Dame just yet – I didn’t think my story on this campus as a student was finished. So, I applied to the MSM program and was absolutely thrilled when I got in.

The MSM program has shown me that I can use my technical background in neuroscience to bring a unique perspective to solving problems in the business world daily. I also have the honor of being the president of the MSM Association, which has provided me the opportunity to stretch myself as a leader.

As president, I have been able to advocate for and provide resources to my classmates, making sure we get the most out of our experience as Notre Dame grad students. Since our first day of orientation, the MSM program has focused on preparing us for entering the business world and has taught us how to excel in the workplace. I have gotten to collaborate with other Mendoza specialized master’s programs in networking events between our cohorts and with many companies, such as Deloitte.

The MSM program has also confirmed to me that I want to pursue business as a career in the future, but still use my knowledge of neuroscience. This program has been a wonderful, but challenging, experience that has helped me grow exponentially as a leader and businesswoman, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds after I graduate.

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