Mendoza School of Business

Our Mission

To build a premier Catholic business school that fosters academic excellence, professional effectiveness and personal accountability in a context that strives to be faithful to the ideals of community, human development and individual integrity.

In other words, we ask more of business and of ourselves. Here’s what that means to us:

It is not enough to merely want to do the right thing.

We must demonstrate the courage to act with conviction and be true to our core values. We must lead with integrity and exhibit moral courage, especially in business, where some corporate cultures value short-term gains over long-term company growth and human concern for others.

The business world needs more problem solvers.

We prepare our students to lead in a complex and competitive global business environment by training them to become ethically minded problem solvers. They do so by:

  • Developing a deep knowledge of the drivers of business and the economy
  • Honing rigorous habits to systematically discover and enact solutions
  • Seeking solutions that bring about positive change–for stakeholders and shareholders
  • Building cultures and systems that support accountability

As a Catholic business school, we are guided by the moral imperatives of our faith.

As a result, we ask questions like:

  • How should businesses operate more responsibly in an increasingly complex and integrated world?
  • How can we make business decisions that recognize every person’s inherent value and dignity—regardless of their race, gender, age or economic status?
  • How can we be good stewards of resources like water and oil? What long-term solutions can we seek that will lay a foundation for the health of future generations?

We believe that business can help transform the world for the better.

For more than 150 years, we have charged our students to:

  • Leverage their individual success to help solve global challenges
  • Serve in the community (more than 80 percent of Notre Dame students serve each year)
  • Advocate for business to address human and societal concerns to advance the common good
  • Envision how business can become the solution to issues as big as poverty and peace
  • Balance what we take and what we give back; what we use and how we replenish our resources

An integrated approach to business education matters

By integrating ethical, social and environmental issues within traditional business courses, we equip students with the cross-functional intelligence and balanced worldview necessary to prepare them to lead ethically in today’s rapidly changing business environment.