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  • Game Changer: How Data Analysis Revealed Key Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Tennis

    How Data Became a Game Changer Maggie Fielder has played tennis since she was three years old, but sees the game a little differently because of her recent research. She used a huge data set including tournament results from 1978 to 2020 in both the men’s and women’s professional tours. It included all sizes of […]

    Marshall King

  • From Locker Room Conversations to Business Ventures: How Lugg Created a Real Estate Company for Athletes

    Lugg Tackles the Issue and Finds a Solution A lot of conversations in the Notre Dame football locker room led to a business opportunity for Josh Lugg and others. The offensive guard on the football team heard teammates who had transferred to Notre Dame talk about their need for housing near campus. More than a […]

    Marshall King

  • Faculty Spotlight: Martin Barron

    Mendoza students bring their passions to Business Analytics In Martin Barron’s Business Analytics classes at Mendoza, students learn more than just how to work with data. They learn how to take those skills and tackle a wide variety of challenges. And they have fun while doing it. Barron, assistant teaching professor in IT, Analytics, and […]

    Bryan Fields

  • VerNard Helping Navigate NIL for Athletes

    Navigating Name Image Likeness (NIL) Claire VeNard is helping Notre Dame students navigate the new and changing landscape of NIL. Since summer 2021, the NCAA has allowed athletes to earn money by selling the rights to their NILs. Claire talked to students in the Customer Engagement Analytics class at the Mendoza College of Business about […]

    Marshall King