Mendoza School of Business

Accountancy Curriculum

We can pack a top MSA program into one year.

Some places call it an MSA, some call it an MAcc, others a Master of Accounting, we’re proud to call our Master’s in Accountancy one of the best in the nation.

One academic year—that’s two semesters and 30 total credit hours—is all it takes to receive a degree from a top-4 Master’s in Accountancy program and accelerate your career path. And you’ll still have time for an interterm course or study abroad opportunity in China, South America, or South Africa for two weeks.

Whether you’re interested in public accounting, corporate finance, or working for a government agency, there’s a track for you in the MSA program at Notre Dame. If this is the program for you but you need more course prep, our Accounting Immersion Program will get you ready for the Master of Science in Accountancy.

The Assurance and Advisory Services track is ideal for those preparing for a career in public accounting, especially in the audit area, corporate finance, or with financial institutions.

Track Requirements: (12 credit hours)

Accountancy Electives: (3 credit hours)

Finance and Analytics Electives: (2 hours required)

Communication Electives: (2 credit hours)

General Electives: (11 credit hours)

To meet the 30 credit hour minimum for graduation, students may choose from any MSA elective course, including Accountancy elective or Finance and Analytics elective courses listed above.


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