Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Corey Brainerd, MSBA ’20

Corey talks about how the program helped him develop, personally and professionally.

The Notre Dame M.S. in Business Analytics program provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has given me newfound confidence that in my ability to be successful in any industry. The personal and professional growth I’ve gained throughout my time in the program has been life-changing and something I will never forget.

From day one, the M.S. in Business Analytics program consistently challenged me to develop new technical skills, collaborate better with teammates and consider data impact in new and thoughtful ways. I’m extremely curious by nature, and every session satisfied that curiosity through thoughtful classroom discussions where we studied real-world business analytics examples, and through my close interaction with my teammates – all of whom come from different industries and backgrounds.

I earned my undergrad degree in finance, and going through the M.S. in Business Analytics program made me realize that I’m only tapping into a small amount of my potential in my financial career. Analytics itself is a rapidly growing field that impacts every industry, and having the ability to apply the technical skills involved in breaking down a messy data set and transforming it into new business insights is integral and exciting work. I learned to use new data sets to tell a story of products and consumers to executives and business stakeholders without using technical jargon they might not understand.

I would recommend the M.S. in Business Analytics program to anyone interested in a career that involves data-driven problems and solutions. Because of the curriculum and the rigor of the program, I’m now set with skills that are critical to moving my career forward.
I want to thank the professors and my entire cohort for a wonderful year as a student in Notre Dame’s M.S. in Business Analytics program. I can’t imagine going through this program without the level of support and encouragement I received, both from faculty and my peers. I’m truly grateful to be an alumnus of such a special program.