Mendoza School of Business

Student Perspective: Jaime Sanchez Alba, MSBA ’20

Jaime reflects on why he chose the Notre Dame MSBA and the benefits of the program.

Ask any member of the Notre Dame M.S. in Business Analytics cohort – present or past – why they chose Notre Dame, and they will give you myriad reasons, from professional to personal. But we would all agree we ultimately made the decision because of the unparalleled value of a Notre Dame education.

Having spent a few years in both the banking and education sectors, I have seen first-hand the untapped potential of data silos across organizations. Often, data sources are created with a functional purpose in mind and over time have grown to become valuable, isolated sources of information. The MSBA is helping me develop a solid thought process and expand my toolset to identify, understand and uncover powerful insights that will help me drive positive change in my organization.

The MSBA program boasts a cadre of top faculty that infuses each lesson with practical scenarios drawn from professional experiences. From applying statistical methodologies to conduct clinical trials, to presenting the current state of marketing analytics, to shedding insight on organizational behavior, each professor exposes us to the importance of applying business analytics to inform better decision-making.

I chose the Notre Dame MSBA program because of its unique focus on applying ethical principles to business decisions while preparing each graduating class to make the right choice when faced with the ethical dilemmas that crowd our business landscape. I feel motivated and honored to be part of a diverse cohort full of talented individuals that share the same principle of growing the good in business.