Mendoza School of Business

MSBA Curriculum

In this program, you will learn to apply analytics techniques for “big data” including data mining, data storage and manipulation, data visualization, statistics, modeling, optimization, and simulation in a variety of business areas such as finance, operations, and marketing.

The program comprises an intense 31 credit hours over two semesters that provide a master’s-level understanding of business analytics and position you to use data to inform complex business decisions. You also may view our full course descriptions.

Fall (18 credit hours)*
Module 1
Introduction to Statistical Analysis2
Simulation and Optimization2
Data Visualization2
Data Management in SQL2
Bridge to Success1
Interterm Intensive: Data Wrangling with Databases and R1
Module 2
Advanced Statistical Inference2
Python for Data Analytics2
Machine Learning2
Data Storytelling2
Spring (12-16 credit hours)*
Module 3
Analytics Capstone Experience (semester long course-Mod 3)-
Unstructured Data Analytics 2
Time Series Analytics2
MSBA Elective*2
Interterm Intensive: Integrated Analytics Deep Dive1
Module 4
Analytics Capstone Consultation (semester long course-Mod 4)2
Networks: Theory and Analysis2
Ethics and Big Data Analytics2
MSBA Elective*2

*MSBA Electives are subject to change (2 credit hours required, 4 possible):

Sports Analytics
Data Acquisition
Marketing and Customer Analytics