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Grow Irish Week

Grow Irish Week is one of the highlights of your Mendoza education. Timed in December at the program’s halfway point, Grow Irish helps students synthesize what they’ve learned so far and prepare for their Capstone projects throughout the Spring. MSBA Grow Irish features immersive, off-campus learning experiences that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, demonstrate what you’re capable of, and create a vision for your future.

Grow personally and professionally through hands-on experiences

Grow your circle by networking with the ND community

Grow the good in business by driving real-world impact

The December Grow Irish immersion marks a pivot moment in the MSBA curriculum as students apply their analytical skills in a multi-day data hackathon project with a client. This intensive experience culminates in a pitch-style presentation, pushing students to refine their strategic communication abilities and convey actionable insights to business decision-makers. The Grow Irish immersion also includes company visits and networking opportunities to enhance students’ career preparedness as they gear up for their Capstone projects in Mods 3 and 4.

"Engaging with seasoned alumni and industry leaders not only expanded my network but also sharpened my vision for a career that aligns with my values. My journey with Grow Irish has enriched me, blending classroom theory with hands-on challenges and deepening my commitment to ethical leadership and community betterment." Annie Gopu, MSBA '24

Notre Dame MSBA students traveled to Chicago for multi-day data hackathon consulting project.

After consulting with sponsor leadership to discuss project objectives, the MSBA team begins working on data projects designed to drive results for the sponsor.

Alongside their project work, students attended company visits organized by ND alumni at Google and Hero Digital.

The chance for students to interact with industry leaders through meaningful conversations provided a valuable networking experience.

Students gained insights into the impact Hero Digital has on many leading global brands by leveraging analytics.

The MSBA student's Grow Irish experience ends with mastering pitch-style presentations, giving them the strategic communication skills to confidently present actionable insights to non-technical stakeholders.

Mendoza School of Business
Mendoza School of Business
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