Mendoza School of Business

MSF Curriculum

Beginning in June, you will spend an intense year studying a curriculum that provides a master’s-level understanding of the core tenets of business. Curriculum is subject to change to remain relevant. You may also view our full course descriptions.

You’ll begin your M.S. in Finance journey with a seven-week summer module that cements the fundamentals of accounting, investments, ethical management and more.

As you progress through the program, your expertise in focused topics like dynamic pricing, Python for finance, and valuation and modeling will expand, granting you a holistic yet practical understanding of the finance world in less time than other programs.

Your student experience is further enriched by intensive Interterm experiences and opportunities to supplement your studies with hands-on application of cutting-edge finance concepts, best practices and leadership skills.

Summer (10 Credit Hours)
Financial Accounting2
Finance Fundamentals2
Python for Finance2
Ethics in Finance1
Bridge to Success 1
Fall (13 Credit Hours)
Corporate Finance2
Financial Statement Analysis2
Quantitative Methods in Finance I2
Fall Interterm Course: Financial Modeling - Wall Street Prep1
Equity Valuation2
Quantitative Methods in Finance II2
Spring (15 Credit Hours)
Working Capital Management2
Fixed Income2
Finance Topical Course: Coming Soon2
Real Estate Finance2
Spring Interterm Course: Financial Data Visualization1
Applied Valuation: Private Equity, M&A2
Financial Policy/Strategy2
Advanced Investment Strategies2