Mendoza School of Business

MSM Curriculum

Beginning in June, you will spend an intense year studying a curriculum that provides a master’s-level understanding of the core tenets of business. You may also view our full course descriptions.

Summer (12 credit hours)*
Quantitative Business Analytics2
Principles of Management2
Statistics in Business2
Financial Accounting2
Bridge to Success1
Fall (13 credit hours)*
Managerial Accounting2
Finance Principles2
Marketing Principles2
Management Writing (Mod 1 only)2
Interterm Intensive (Week 8 Only)1
Management Writing (Mod 2 only)2
Spring (13 credit hours)*
Economic Analysis2
Corporate Finance2
Process Analytics (Mod 3 only)2
International Management (Mod 3 only)2
Interterm Intensive (Week 8 Only) OR International Immersion1
Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct (Mod 4 only)2
Strategic Decision Making (Mod 4 only)2
*Spring Elective Option: Ten Years Hence Speaker Series2

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