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Grow Irish Week

a dozen people seated around a large wooden desk

Grow Irish Week is one of the highlights of your Mendoza education. It happens twice annually, in mid-October and mid-March, and features immersive, off-campus learning experiences that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, demonstrate what you’re capable of, and create a vision for your future.

Grow personally and professionally through hands-on experiences

Grow your circle by networking with the ND community

Grow the good in business by driving real-world impact

October 9-13, 2023

Fall Grow Irish projects afford students wide exposure to various career fields. By spring, students are ready to dive into marketing- or finance-specific projects aligned with their concentrations. Working in teams, students further refine their presentation and networking skills through thoughtfully crafted opportunities to prepare students to enter the workforce.

March 4-8, 2024

Spring Grow Irish Week provides you with an opportunity to deepen your professional experience through a more intensive and intentionally cross-functional consulting project. These projects bring together teams of students across Mendoza’s graduate degree programs in order to enhance your communication and collaboration skills in interdisciplinary and cross-functional settings.

This week was an excellent opportunity to get hands-on consulting experience and learn how to handle real case issues. Now, I feel more prepared and confident to enter the business field. Christian Hernandez, MSM '24
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On Day One of Grow Irish Week, a team of MSM students arrive at BizStarts’ headquarters in Milwaukee for their week-long consulting project.

open laptop that reads "BizStarts"
group of 5 in discussion around an office table

After meeting with organizational leadership to discuss their project goals, Team BizStarts gets to work knowing that their project outcomes will directly impact Milwaukee’s entrepreneurial community.

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In addition to their project work, Team BizStarts participated in company visits facilitated by Notre Dame alumni.

a dozen people seated around a large wooden desk

Team BizStarts met with Baird leadership at their Milwaukee headquarters to learn more about the mission and operations of the international financial services firm.

group of 5 smiling at the camera with laptops and papers strewn across a large desk

MSM students on Team Bruisers crunch the numbers to develop a financial model to drive business expansion for Bruisers’ Auto Care.

three young men wearing bright blue vests in a parking garage

Team Bruisers gets an inside look at Bruiser’s operations by touring partner facilities in Chicago.

large group posing in front of a sign which reads "Google". A woman kneeling in front holds a large blue and gold ND Irish flag

In addition to their project work, Team Bruisers toured the Google offices in Chicago.

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Grow Irish gives students incredible real-world opportunities as they discern a meaningful career path for their futures.

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