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GROW Irish Week

Grow Irish Week is one of the highlights of your Mendoza education. It happens twice annually, in mid-October and Mid-March, and features immersive, off campus learning experiences that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, demonstrate what you’re capable of, and create a vision for your future.

Grow personally and professionally through hands-on experiences

Grow your circle by networking with the ND community

Grow the good in business by driving real-world impact

October 9-13, 2023

Fall Grow Irish Week represents a pivotal stage in career readiness for students in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. You gain valuable professional experience working in teams on consulting projects with real clients. Sponsored by regional Notre Dame Clubs, Fall Grow Irish Week offers you valuable networking opportunities as you discern diverse career paths.

March 4-8, 2024

Spring Grow Irish Week provides you an opportunity to deepen your professional experience through a more intensive and intentionally cross-functional consulting project. These projects bring together teams of students across Mendoza’s graduate degree programs in order to enhance your communication and collaboration skills in interdisciplinary and cross-functional settings.

"Notre Dame empowers us to apply our classroom experience to real-world specific issues. We utilized critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enhance a vital skill in the workforce: collaboration. The projects taught me the importance of effective communication and sharing ideas to achieve a common goal. Carter Loesch, MSM '23

Student Project Examples

Organizational Mission: Stanz provides exceptional care of the customer, staying flexible and resilient, being willing to change processes and direction where necessary, and listening and responding to the needs of our customers within the food service industry

Career Relevance: Students developed data analysis and marketing skills by conducting research, analyzing data, and recommending go-to-market strategies that helped two former
competitors unite and achieve mutual strategic customer growth. MSM students explored the food distribution industry by interviewing sales and marketing professionals, documenting insights, and providing recommendations.

Organization Mission: Veryable is an on-demand marketplace for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing labor. It connects businesses with skilled workers instantly, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. Workers benefit from immediate job opportunities, schedule flexibility, skill development, and fast payment options.

Career Relevance: Students developed their management and cultural competency skills by analyzing workforce development opportunities specifically tailored for underrepresented women employees.


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