Mendoza School of Business

Global Opportunities

Technology and trade have made the world a much smaller place while also making business more innovative and vibrant. Global experiences are a key part of business education today and our students have unique opportunities through the MBA program to see the real world impact of business in the world first hand.

Business on the Frontlines

Business on the Frontlines examines the impact of business in post-conflict societies. The course gives students the opportunity to partner with NGOs, humanitarian agencies, and for-profit businesses on live projects with real impact in the communities ranging from agriculture and infrastructure programs to micro-finance and self-reliance initiatives and much more. Called one of the most innovative business courses by Forbes, the course includes a two week in country experience where students engage directly with their partner and the community they serve. Since 2008, BOTFL has worked on more than 30 projects in nearly 20 countries including Bosnia, Lebanon, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Guatemala, Cambodia, Honduras, East Timor and the Philippines. Learn more about the course and recent projects on the BOTFL website.

International Immersions

Each spring, students have the opportunity to join 10-day immersion trips to China, South America, or South Africa. These experiences combine exposure to the international business environment with cultural immersions that showcase the natural, historical, and cultural beauty of each country.


The China Immersion trip includes stops Beijing and Shanghai. The business and political centers of the world’s second-largest economy, these cities serve as a gateway to the history and traditional culture of China as well as one of the driving forces for today’s business world. Many students will add on an additional stop in Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Seoul to round out their experience.

Chile & Argentina

Students participating in this immersion visit Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. These major business and political centers give students insight into rapidly emerging and modernizing economies. The trip also introduces the group to the beauty of Chile and the vibrant culture of Argentina. Many students will round out their experience with personal trips to Rio de Janiero before returning to campus.

South Africa

Delve into the many socio-economic issues that have shaped South Africa’s turbulent history and form its dynamic present, and get first-hand insights on doing business in Africa’s powerhouse economy. With visits to Johannesburg and Cape Town, students will explore such topics as the role of social entrepreneurship in a culturally-diverse economy while experiencing the natural beauty of the south of the African continent.

Mod Abroad in Santiago, Chile

MBA students have the unique opportunity to have a fully immersive study abroad opportunity in Santiago, Chile. During Mod 2, between Fall Break and Christmas, second year and one year students take a full schedule of MBA courses with experienced practitioners from Chile in partnership with Universidad Catholica. In addition to business courses in English, students will have the opportunity to learn or improve their Spanish language skills. Class schedules allow for many travel opportunities for students to explore the Andes region. Popular trips from Santiago include Chile’s Atacama Desert, Machu Picchu in Peru, and multi-day trekking in Patagonia.