Mendoza School of Business

Mendoza College of Business to sunset its one-year MBA program

Published: October 9, 2023 / Author: Carol Elliott


The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business recently announced that the College will discontinue the Notre Dame One-Year MBA at the end of the 2023-24 academic year in order to better focus on and invest in the Notre Dame Two-Year MBA program.


Dean Martijn Cremers

“While the One-Year MBA historically has attracted talented and dedicated students and remains financially viable, the decision to discontinue the program reflects the College’s focus on the Two-Year MBA as our priority and was informed by the ongoing strategic review aimed at optimizing and elevating Mendoza’s graduate program portfolio,” said Martijn Cremers, the Martin J. Gillen Dean of Mendoza College of Business.

The change will allow the College to elevate the Two-Year MBA as its core strategic priority, providing greater flexibility in directing the appropriate resources to advancements in experiential learning, leadership development, career discernment and personal growth over the program’s two-year arc.

Cremers emphasized that discontinuing the One-Year MBA will have no impact on the academic experience of current students and that the decision was focused on serving the future needs of all of its students.

“The Mendoza faculty and staff remain fully committed to the personal and professional growth of our One-Year MBAs, now and after they graduate,” said Cremers. “They are forever important members of the Notre Dame family.”

Mendoza currently offers 10 master’s programs plus several dual-degree programs, two Ph.D. programs and its undergraduate program.

The College has introduced a number of curricular innovations to its STEM-designated MBA program in support of its emphasis on providing in-person, highly experiential academic programming, including:

  •  MBA Pathways, a revamped curricular structure to support career pathways;
  • Mod-Away program, seven-week in-person study programs in Silicon Valley, California, and Santiago, Chile;
  • Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program, a long-running initiative where student teams work with international and domestic partners to harness the dynamism of business to advance solutions to wicked problems such as deep poverty and violence;
  •  Leadership Launch, a signature leadership development program centered on Notre Dame’s unique “Tender, Strong and True” framework; and
  •  Grow Irish Week, a set of skill building courses, leadership development and experiential learning opportunities through global consulting engagements.

In keeping with Mendoza’s strategic vision, future program developments likewise will focus on opportunities that prioritize a strong sense of community through shared experiences, high-touch employer relationships and a global perspective cultivated through in-person engagements.