Mendoza School of Business

One-Year MBA Curriculum

One year. 46 credit hours. You can do it.

After an intense 10-week summer session, you’ll declare a concentration and then join the second year of our Two-Year Program. During the Fall and Spring semesters, you’ll earn the rest of your required 46 credit hours and have the ability to participate in an International Immersion experience.

Here’s a snapshot of the courses we offer:

Summer (17 credit hours)*

Financial Accounting
Marketing Management
Managerial Economics
Career Leadership
Leading People and Teams
Introduction to Business Analytics
Strategic Decision Making
Process Analytics

Fall (14-16 credit hours)*

Module 1

Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct
Electives/Concentration Track Courses*

Interterm Intensive:  1 credit hour course

Module 2

Electives/Concentration Track Courses* OR Chile Immersion

Spring (14-16 credit hours)*

Module 3

Electives/Concentration Track Courses**

Interterm Intensive: 1 credit hour course OR International Immersion

Module 4

Electives/Concentration Track Courses**

*Course outline is an example and subject to change. 

**All One-Year MBA students are required to successfully complete one concentration track, an Ethics Elective, and a Communications elective.