Mendoza School of Business

One-Year MBA Curriculum

One year. 46 credit hours. You can do it.

After an intense 10-week summer session, you’ll declare a major and then join the second year of our Two-Year Program. During the Fall and Spring semesters, you’ll earn the rest of your required 46 credit hours and have the ability to participate in an International Immersion experience. You may also view our full course descriptions.

Summer (17 credit hours)*
Financial Accounting2
Managerial Economics2
Introduction to Business Analytics2
Marketing Management2
Career Leadership1
Leading People and Teams2
Strategic Decision Making2
Process Analytics2
Fall (12-14 credit hours)*
Module 1
Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct2
Electives/Major Track Courses*
Interterm Intensive1
Module 2
Electives/Major Track Courses* OR Chile Immersion
Spring (12-14 credit hours)*
Module 3
Electives/Major Track Courses*
Interterm Intensive OR International Immersion1
Module 4
Electives/Major Track Courses*

*Course outline is an example and subject to change. 

**All One-Year MBA students are required to successfully complete one major track, an Ethics Elective, and a Communications elective.