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Lead with Integrity: Tender, Strong, and True

At Mendoza, our approach to leadership development is deeply rooted in Notre Dame’s rich history. The opening lines of the Notre Dame Alma Mater, “Notre Dame, Our Mother, tender, strong, and true…” embody our values and beliefs. These ideals serve as guiding principles for leadership, reflecting the need to balance and serve people, performance, and purpose. Throughout the MBA journey, a variety of experiences help to provide perspective and practice in leadership as we seek to cultivate leaders who embody the values of Notre Dame: Tender, Strong, & True.

Tender Leaders

Caring deeply for others, tender leaders demonstrate empathy, gratitude, fairness, and humility. They readily acknowledge mistakes and prioritize the growth and well-being of those around them.

Strong Leaders

With unwavering moral values and courage, strong leaders stand up for what they believe in, empowering others to reach their full potential. They lead by example, fostering a culture of excellence and empowerment.

True Leaders

Aware of their strengths and limitations, true leaders remain authentic in their values and convictions. They uphold high ethical standards and inspire confidence, guiding others to do what is right willingly.

Mendoza daily reminds me to be a values-based leader, to ask more of myself and to become a force for good not just within my space but also in the world at large. Pavel Sorkin, MBA Class of 2024
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Leadership Launch

The Leadership Launch serves as the first step in a comprehensive leadership journey within the MBA program that begins at orientation. This multi-day engagement is centered on the fundamental question of "what defines a leader," aiming to cultivate introspection and identify areas for personal growth and development. As students progress into their core coursework, continuous touchpoints further reinforce the foundational principles introduced during the Leadership Launch, and provide a seamless integration of leadership concepts throughout the program.

Leadership Lunch Series

Bi-weekly workshop sessions offer MBA students the chance to develop as Tender-Strong-True leaders through skill-building and collaborative discussions. These sessions provide practical strategies and a supportive environment for students to enhance their leadership abilities in a lunch & learn setting.

MBA Leadership Courses

Beyond these foundational experiences, our curriculum offers a myriad of courses that empower you to further hone your leadership style and capabilities, tailored to your individual goals and the sectors you’re passionate about.

Foundations of Ethical Business Conduct

This course explores the ethical dimensions within business, applying major normative ethical theories to business situations. Students will improve their skills in moral reasoning and ethical decision-making while analyzing and discussing case situations presenting ethical dilemmas. Throughout these exercises, analytical and communication (oral and written) skills will be sharpened.

Leading People and Teams

The overall objective of the course is to apply theories of human behavior to solve day-to-day problems of organizational administration, help students become more aware of their own managerial styles and ultimately become more effective managers.Through lectures, case analysis, and class discussions, students will distinguish effective from ineffective managers.

Strategic Decision Making

The four goals of this course are: (1) to develop an awareness of the strategic decisions that organizations must make and the factors on which they depend; (2) to provide a conceptual framework for identifying, evaluating, and formulating strategies; (3) to integrate material learned in the basic functional courses; (4) to convey an understanding of the formal and informal processes involved in formulating and implementing strategies.

Additional Leadership Courses

Additional leadership courses in communications, ethics, and electives are available to take throughout your two years in the MBA program to customize your experience and align with your interests. These courses include:

  • Advanced Speaking For Business
  • Change Communication
  • Climate Resiliance in Business
  • Corporate Communications
  • Data Storytelling
  • Ethics in Emerging Markets
  • Ethics in Finance
  • Innovation and Design
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • International Mangement
  • Leadership Communication
  • Managerial Decision Making
  • Negotiations
  • Social Innovation
  • Spirituality of Leadership
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Strategic Writing
  • Sustainable Business

Student Leadership Opportunities

At Mendoza College of Business, you’ll be a part of a supportive environment where you not only excel individually but also elevate your classmates, fostering collective growth. Our MBA clubs and MBAA offer ample opportunities for you to not only apply but also to lead, pushing boundaries with your peers and experiencing the challenges and rewards of leadership firsthand.

Leadership Positions

Class of 2023 in Student Leadership Positions

MBA Clubs

Notre Dame MBA Association

The Notre Dame MBA Association (MBAA) serves as a faithful steward of the academic, professional, and interpersonal potential of Notre Dame MBA students. It is committed to maximizing opportunities for growth by fostering community, professionalism, scholarship, and personal integrity among students, and by serving as a student advocate and liaison to MBA program administrators.


MBA Clubs

Mendoza MBA students have the opportunity to evolve their leadership skills and experience beyond the classroom by participating in student-run clubs and committees throughout their MBA experience. An integral part of the MBA student experience is the community and connections created through active participation and leadership roles in career clubs, affinity and interest clubs.

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