Mendoza School of Business

In Their Own Words

Current female students and alumnae offer their perspective on their experience at Notre Dame.

Christina A. Brooks
MNA Class of 2014
Equity is the life blood of social justice, and it’s never easy work. But, my formation as an intellectually curious scholar and practitioner was crafted by my experiences at Mendoza. Side by side with people who shared a vision for leaving the world better than when we found it, was and continues to be critical to the work I do. I will forever be a proud Bueno cohort member from the MNA program. Go Irish—and do greater things.

Caroline Fulmer
MSM Class of 2019
The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, provided me the training and opportunities to develop and apply my skill set to the real world of business. Notre Dame’s Center for Career Development, clubs, professors and united alumni helped me to develop my self-confidence and professionalism, leading to countless interviews and multiple job offers with Fortune 500 companies. Ultimately, Notre Dame has taught me how to utilize my skills in order to pursue my passions both in internships and in my career after graduation.

Alice Hou
BBA ‘18; MSA Class of 2019
The network of the Notre Dame family fosters a supportive and welcoming community where students can strive and achieve success. For graduate students, interim week connects students with numerous alumni and working professionals. These professionals are able to share various insights with us on how to be successful in the corporate world. As an MSA student, I took advantage of these opportunities to broaden my knowledge of data analytics and finance. For graduate business women, WIB (Women in Business) is a club that connects to career and networking opportunities.

I have been surrounded by dedicated and caring students who inspire me every day. I also have the pleasure to work alongside numerous faculty and staff, and their mentorship has supported me academically and professionally. The academic rigor at Notre Dame has not only challenged me intellectually but also developed my mindset on how to tackle any potential challenges and problems. As I will enter the workforce after graduation, my critical thinking and self-directed learning skills will allow me to continue to grow.

Joanna Khorey
MSA Class of 2019
Being a student in Mendoza is a unique experience since, there is a focus on “Business as a Force for Good” that you don’t always find at other schools. During my short time at Mendoza, I have been able to use this motto in my daily life to promote a better student-based community. Mendoza has given me the opportunity to become a student leader, participate in community service around South Bend, and travel abroad to experience a different culture and work environment.

Katherine Kovic
MSA Class of 2019
During my time at Notre Dame, I have grown professionally through the classes I have taken as well as personally by the relationships I have forged with my fellow classmates. I feel I will be able to use this confidence going forward in my career and throughout the rest of my life.

Cynthia Lopez
MSA Class of 2019
Aside from technical and soft skills, Notre Dame has prepared me by developing my self confidence. From male professors serving as strong allies and encouraging the start of my career, to hosting influential female speakers, including Michelle Gass, Notre Dame created a supportive environment to help me believe that I too, can succeed as a woman in business.

Elliot Diana Miller
MSF Class of 2019 (BS Mathematics ‘14)
The Notre Dame MSF introduced me to esteemed faculty like Professor Gianna Bern and Dean Katherine Spiess. Professor Bern and Dean Spiess are so much more than just talented lecturers; they’re dedicated teachers and they’re mentors for all women pursuing careers in Finance. I feel called to work in Catholic education, but not in a teaching profession. Instead, I contribute my strengths in business and financial analysis to Notre Dame’s administration. Through my role in the Finance Division at Notre Dame, I’m supporting the University’s initiatives that prepare other students to be a “Force for Good” in the world.

Kelli Reagan
MSM Class of 2019
The light of Notre Dame is unmistakable. In studying here at Mendoza, I have found the courage to dare to impact the world not only through my future career, but also through the moments of everyday life. By engaging my interest in economic and nonprofit development, I plan to pursue a world in which the dignity of the human person is upheld in every encounter, policy, and belief.

Asusena Reséndiz, EMNA Class of 2016

Asusena Reséndiz
MNA Class of 2016
Two of the many examples in which the University of Notre Dame is working towards better opportunities for women come directly from the Mendoza College of Business.

I begin with Dr. Angela Logan. In 2017, she became the first female to serve as the Director of Nonprofit Professional Development, as well as the first woman of color. And second, because of my nonprofit experience and executive skills, it was the ultimate honor to be selected by the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to serve as the 2014 Master of Nonprofit Administration Fellow–the first Latina recipient of this prestigious honor. 

In 2017, I was appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) Board–only the second Latina trustee to serve on this prestigious board, where I also serve as a member of its finance committee.

Emily Rupchock
MNA Class of 2020
One of the greatest advantages in being a student at Mendoza is the practical application of business expertise within my current professional role. As my business knowledge expands, my work greatly benefits. I love being able to offer the field of Early Childhood greater understanding of business and nonprofit best practice to strengthen and enhance its impact on the lives of young children and families.

Laura Savoie
MSA Class of 2015
My time at Notre Dame played a vital role in equipping and empowering me to pursue my vocational goal of earning a Ph.D. My hope is that beyond teaching and research I can serve as a mentor to female college students at a time of critical decisions and as they prepare to enter the business world. It is important that women believe they can be true to their personalities, maintain a joyful spirit, and still be taken seriously in a professional business environment. Our unique qualities as women are strengths—and not liabilities—to be harnessed to live out the ethos of “Business as a Force for Good.”