Mendoza School of Business

Forever grateful

Author: Adam Porcelli (BBA '04)

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This essay is the first “alumni-project” type of thing I have done for the University of Notre Dame. To me, that says a lot in and of itself. Not a day goes by that I do not become prouder of the fact I graduated from the University, through the Mendoza College of Business. Living my college days at Notre Dame shaped my personal and professional life then, and has done so for almost 20 years now. Anytime someone finds out I graduated from Notre Dame and asks some version of “did you like it?”, they get this same response: “I miss it every day.”

A large part of why I feel that way is because of the true value derived from CoBa. From relationships formed, to knowledge learned; there is nothing that matches the development, preparation, and just enjoyment obtained during those days. Nothing is perfect; no one loves everyone, every class, or every assignment. Honestly, though, I have nothing negative to say about a class, professor, or day being in that building. As years go by, and you look back, the number of memories recalled become smaller, and probably not as accurate. However, the feelings conjured up by a fleeting memory or a random conversation, remain consistent. I am always immediately put in a good mood and have this sense of accomplishment and gratitude for doing what I did, meeting who I met, and being a part of the college as it was still growing into being an even more elite business school. Even now, writing this, it all comes flooding back. It is similar to how I get nostalgic every time I visit and just walk through the building.

So, I may not have one particular moment or success story to contribute to this celebration of Notre Dame and Mendoza. To me, the success story is just the overall fact I got to go there; and have zero doubt that I am who I am today — personally and professionally — because of the people, places, and programs, during what I fondly look back on and say were the best times of my life.

Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not call out the two people, I credit most for helping me achieve my success then, and foster so much pride now. Doug Hemphill and Rob Battalio are individuals that were always there for me, and still have been all these years later. The time spent with them meant more to me than I can put into words. They taught me quite a bit, in and out of the classroom. I feel very fortunate to have had them in my daily life during those years and to know I can still reach out to them today.

I want to close by saying thank you to those responsible for this project. I think it is a wonderful idea, both to honor the centennial and to engage everyone who came through those halls that have the privilege to call themselves “an alum.” I know I will forever be grateful and honored to call myself that until the day I die.


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