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  • The Century Mark: Make Your Mark

    “The Century Mark: Make Your Mark” project features personal essays contributed by Mendoza College of Business faculty, staff, students and alumni. From former deans to current students, every essay represents an individual, personal and lived account that illustrates the mission and impact of their Notre Dame experience on their lives through their unique journeys. Make your mark in Mendoza’s history by submitting your essay to

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  • Role model

    "... Walking back from the library and seeing Our Lady illuminated in her golden beauty made me wonder how I could leave an impact on this world.  What good would I create after leaving my Notre Dame home?"

    Jamie Smith (BBA '05)

  • Echoes of Mendoza

    "... Notre Dame and Mendoza will always be a place I remember when envisioning where I want my life and career to go. Beyond the impacts on my choices since South Bend, I am committed to professional impact that incorporates much of what I have learned – from effective business principles, to inter-cultural awareness, to the value of a good day’s work, to the belief that business can be a tremendous force for good."

    Mike Weppler (MBA '17)

  • Holistic business education

    "... Through Dean Cremers' class, I came to embrace the idea of a stakeholder economy, which balances the complex needs of shareholders, customers, employees, and the environment to create a happier and more sustainable society."

    Nick Barella (BBA '18)

  • Change of plans

    "I was an unusual Notre Dame student in two significant ways. First, I was a transfer student joining the Notre Dame community as a junior. Second, I was a local and lived 45 minutes away with my family."

    Nicole Delmoro (BBA '96)

  • Back to Notre Dame

    "... I have many of our marvelous student-athletes in my classes. I am inspired by their hard work — starting their days while many of us are sound asleep, going to workouts, heading to class for hours, and then more practice in the afternoon, followed by studying (and with luck, some sleep). I hope that I honor my grandfather [Coach Michael DeCicco, ND ‘49] every day that I am blessed with this opportunity to teach these students who give so much of their time and talents to our university community."

    Jessica McManus Warnell (Associate Teaching Professor of Management & Organization)

  • Resolving a ‘major’ conflict

    "...My sophomore class schedule, including lab work, was challenging, yet manageable…until November, when basketball practice began."

    Kevin M. O’Neill (BBA '66)

  • Looking back

    "...As I write this, I continue to look forward to making a positive impact and doing what I can to think of others and improve our community.  I am now on my third tour as a senior AmeriCorps volunteer through Experience Matters."

    Michael W. Colbert (MBA ’80)

  • Success has many faces

    "...In my case, I confess that even after studying accounting, I can’t quantify the value of the wonderful, life-long experiences I had because of the many doors the Notre Dame diploma key opened."

    Glenn Hanzlick (BBA '85)

  • Forever grateful

    "This essay is the first 'alumni-project' type of thing I have done for the University of Notre Dame. To me, that says a lot in and of itself. Not a day goes by that I do not become prouder of the fact I graduated from the University, through the Mendoza College of Business."

    Adam Porcelli (BBA '04)