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  • The Century Mark: Make Your Mark

    “The Century Mark: Make Your Mark” project features personal essays contributed by Mendoza College of Business faculty, staff, students and alumni. From former deans to current students, every essay represents an individual, personal and lived account that illustrates the mission and impact of their Notre Dame experience on their lives through their unique journeys. Make your mark in Mendoza’s history by submitting your essay to

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  • Back to Notre Dame

    "... I have many of our marvelous student-athletes in my classes. I am inspired by their hard work — starting their days while many of us are sound asleep, going to workouts, heading to class for hours, and then more practice in the afternoon, followed by studying (and with luck, some sleep). I hope that I honor my grandfather [Coach Michael DeCicco, ND ‘49] every day that I am blessed with this opportunity to teach these students who give so much of their time and talents to our university community."

    Jessica McManus Warnell (Associate Teaching Professor of Management & Organization)

  • Resolving a ‘major’ conflict

    "...My sophomore class schedule, including lab work, was challenging, yet manageable…until November, when basketball practice began."

    Kevin M. O’Neill (BBA '66)

  • Success has many faces

    "...In my case, I confess that even after studying accounting, I can’t quantify the value of the wonderful, life-long experiences I had because of the many doors the Notre Dame diploma key opened."

    Glenn Hanzlick (BBA '85)

  • Forever grateful

    "This essay is the first 'alumni-project' type of thing I have done for the University of Notre Dame. To me, that says a lot in and of itself. Not a day goes by that I do not become prouder of the fact I graduated from the University, through the Mendoza College of Business."

    Adam Porcelli (BBA '04)

  • Turning points

    "... I desired more principled meaning in my professional business career and the reform of one of the most corruptible towns in America delivered an ethical cause greater than myself to establish policy decisions made chiefly on the ethic of moral fairness rather than political machine power reciprocity."

    William J. Comerford (BBA '60)

  • Taking AIM

    "... I’d heard the stories of the grueling workload that lead to many late nights in the BIC. This, combined with the roughly 8-to-1 ratio of men to women in our class, made AIM the last place I expected I’d meet my future wife."

    Tom Haddad (BBA '11)

  • Career restart

    "...Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to or in front of prospective Notre Dame students, I focus primarily on young women and their parents and work to assure them of the deep, long-lasting value the Notre Dame experience and degree can have on young women’s lives — in every peak and valley, reboot and re-tooling."

    Kathleen McCarthy Walsh (BBA '86)

  • Discovering Notre Dame’s magic

    "... Imagine nervously sitting down to take a finance exam and suddenly, someone in a gorilla suit comes running into the classroom with a box of snacks and drinks. Quickly, you realize that the guy in the suit is your professor! You smile and your test day jitters instantly diminish as you apply the concepts learned in class to the exam questions."

    Jane Bloom (BBA '04)

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