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  • Insight into human trafficking

    In this podcast by Notre Dame Stories, Dean Shepherd, the Ray and Milann Siegfried Professor of Entrepreneurship in Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business discusses his research into the organization of sex work and human trafficking in India.

    Notre Dame Stories

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    ‘Ragpickers’ of Mumbai use entrepreneurship to find meaning, study shows

    "Our study shows that even people whose lives are objectively horrible can make meaning of their situation and be satisfied. We can all learn ways to similarly look at our lives through different lenses," management professor Dean Shepherd said in a Phys.Org piece.


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    ‘Ragpickers’ of Mumbai use entrepreneurship to find meaning, study shows

    A new study from the University of Notre Dame's Dean Shepherd considers meaning-making in the face of difficult dirty work by examining the “ragpickers” in Mumbai, India.

    Shannon Roddel

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    Mission Driven

    Graduate students in Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program may have started small, but their goal of making an impact grew into reality by raising tens of thousands of dollars for a South Bend community group and veterans’ housing.

    Brendan O’Shaughnessy

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    Fair Game

    MBA alum Amy Buchan Siegfried is leading a sports-talk startup designed to get women off the sidelines.

    Danna Lorch

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    Mendoza Christmas Market

    Shop nonprofits that work with Mendoza programs to support a number of good causes this Christmas season.

    Brandi Wampler

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    More than NIL

    With their company MOGL, Mendoza alums Ayden Syal and Brandon Wimbush are striving to help brands and college athletes navigate the new world of NIL.

    Brendan O’Shaughnessy

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    ND Founders Profile #95: Tommy Flaim

    From the day he stepped on the campus of the University of Notre Dame in 2012, Tommy Flaim knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. His dream was not to be a tech unicorn, finding a cure for cancer or making piles of money. No, his vision was different. He wanted to start a fashion brand.

    Melanie Lux

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    With a $1.1B acquisition by Uber under his belt, this alumnus has delivered Notre Dame’s first unicorn

    The backstory of the University of Notre Dame’s first unicorn startup sounds almost unbelievable. It began when one friend texted another with the question, “Why can’t you get alcohol delivered?”

    Melanie Lux

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    Unfamiliar conditions impact design thinking’s effectiveness on new product development, study finds

    IT, Analytics and Operations professor Nicholas Berente and his co-researchers collaborated with the COO of an AI-based SaaS company in Silicon Valley to take a closer look at the conditions and effectiveness of design thinking.

    Melissa Jackson