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Inside the Notre Dame MBA: Podcast Series

Published: January 31, 2019 / Author: Mendoza College

The Mendoza College of Business partnered with Poets & Quants to create a podcast series providing an inside look at the Notre Dame MBA and what makes the program special from those who know it best, students, staff and faculty. Listen now to hear more about the Notre Dame MBA.

Episode 6: An MBA Course To Better The World

Business as a force for good is more than a saying. At Notre Dame, it is a key element of our DNA and no experience defines that more than Business on the Frontlines (BOTFL). BOTFL works to harness the dynamism of business to re-build war-torn societies to provide economic stability and peace. The course shows MBA students how to use business skills and capabilities toward the greater good, while launching new businesses and markets. Listen now as Viva Bartkus, associate professor at Notre Dame, joins John Byrne to talk about how Business on the Frontlines has impacted more than 10,000 people around the world.

Episode 5: The Network: An MBA Benefit For Life

When you choose to get your MBA, you are choosing to become part of a network and a family. At Notre Dame, we take the role of the network seriously and when you choose to attend Notre Dame, you’ll become part of a family with 270 alumni clubs around the world. So no matter where you want to go or what you want to do, there will always be a Domer to support you. There is a reason why Mendoza has been ranked #4 globally for alumni effectiveness. Listen now as Tim Ponisciak, Graduate Alumni Relations Director, joins John Byrne to discuss the importance and strength of the alumni network when considering an MBA program.

Episode 4: The MBA To Transform You

Authentic. Challenging. Exciting. Compassionate. Rewarding. Transformative. For the rest of your life, you will carry the Notre Dame name. It takes a special person to live up to that challenge. Hear why three Notre Dame Business students say you are a part of something bigger at Notre Dame.

Episode 3: One Skill To Be A Better Leader

Trust is the bedrock of commerce, and the Notre Dame MBA empowers you to ask more of business and of yourself. Chris Adkins has researched not only the psychological elements that go into being a more empathetic leader but the neuroscience behind it too. He uses the knowledge gained in research and in consulting Fortune 100 companies to give students the tools to be better leaders. Listen now as Adkins joins John Byrne to discuss why empathy is a key skill for leaders.

Episode 2: The Undervalued Skill For Your Career

Communication is a crucial skill recruiters look for when hiring but an often overlooked piece of the typical MBA. In this episode of the Notre Dame podcast series with Poets & Quants, Dr. Amanda McKendree joins John Byrne to discuss how the Notre Dame MBA works to develop this key ability to best position you for after graduation and how the Notre Dame MBA will provide you with the toolkit to move your communication skills forward. Listen now to hear how you can answer key questions from recruiters about communication.

Episode 1: Advance Your Career In Just One Year

“Notre Dame is such a special place. Once I got to campus, felt like it was home.” Tiffany Lee, MBA ’17, leveraged the Notre Dame one-year MBA – as well as the vast career services offerings and alumni network – to take her business skills to the next level. Being a part of a smaller cohort provides opportunities for you to create more personal connections with your peers and professors, as well as to get more individual and personalized attention from Career Services. Lee joined John Byrne to talk about the connections created at Notre Dame, the experience of being a student at Notre Dame and the legendary alumni network. Listen now to hear more from Tiffany Lee.


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