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Career Strategy Development

Career Strategy Development Course

A central component of your career development experience is our Career Strategy Development Course (CSD). CSD is comprised of 12 classes broken into three phases:

  • What you bring to the table: Understanding your core strengths, experiences, and top job skills 
  • Where you can best leverage those skills: Identifying your best fit and job search strategy for the MBA marketplace
  • How you get there: Building a communication plan to your target market that includes resume, interviewing, and networking skill building

The course will also build on the leadership concepts and training provided in the MBA curriculum. We believe great leaders start with the ability to lead their careers in a thoughtful and service-oriented way.

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"The Notre Dame alumni network is a huge asset in networking to find an internship! Networking early and often will set you up for the best opportunity for success."

Lauren Harville, '14
Brand Management
Abbott Nutrition