Our Mission

To advance accountancy through programs and research that provide outstanding education for students, create and disseminate knowledge, promote the understanding and ethical practice of accountancy, and serve the community. We are guided by the missions of the University of Notre Dame and the Mendoza College of Business.

Shared Values

  • We are responsible to advance both knowledge through original research and education through innovative curricula and teaching.
  • Our mission is best served in an environment of collegiality, mutual respect, and integrity.
  • The faculty has a significant and vital role in designing, assessing, and implementing educational policies and programs.
  • Student and faculty interaction with our community enriches the quality of education.
  • Our community includes the University, the profession, academia, alumni, and other constituencies.
  • An ethical and values-based approach is encouraged and facilitated in all of the above activities.


  • We maintain high quality, innovative, and relevant curricula.
  • We recruit and develop outstanding, diverse faculty and students.
  • We encourage, evaluate, and reward effective teaching, quality publication, and meaningful service.
  • We support high quality research and teaching.
  • We support faculty and student participation in academic and professional organizations.
  • We enlist accountancy and business professionals as partners in knowledge generation and dissemination.
  • We develop in students the capability to identify problems, gather and interpret information, evaluate alternatives, and to formulate and communicate solutions.
  • We mentor students and facilitate educational opportunities to encourage students to pursue academic careers.
  • We examine and explore issues with a special emphasis on their ethical components.