MBA Programs

Applied Investment Management

Notre Dame Chief Investment Officer Scott Malpass
discusses the AIM course.

MBA and MSA students participate in live portfolio management while developing their financial analysis skills through rigorous, fundamental equity research in the Applied Investment Management (AIM) course. Students are selected from a competitive applicant pool by their faculty. These students-turned-analysts are then charged with the research and decision making process required to manage a live portfolio of approximately $13.0 million. The experience is designed to mimic the portfolio management process of a hedge fund manager with a specific emphasis on comprehensive equity research.

The AIM experience includes:

  • A series of reports on two stocks: one stock which is already in the portfolio and one stock the analyst chooses from outside of the portfolio.  Each analyst makes a final recommendation of a buy or sell. The analysts collectively vote on what stocks to buy or sell for the portfolio, and assist in trade execution. 
  • Economic and performance reports to capture other important aspects of portfolio management. 
  • A presentation of findings and decisions to the AIM Advisory Board, a select group of AIM alumni and Notre Dame Board of Trustee Investment Committee Members.
  • Class trips. Analysts travel to a major city to visit with industry professionals, many of whom are partners with the Notre Dame Investment Office. Past trips include visits with Bain & Company, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Madison Dearborn Capital Partners, and Tiger Management. 

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