For tax year 2013, the program's free tax return preparation will begin on Saturday, February 08, 2014 and will end on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Clients for the domestic side of the Tax Assistance Program (TAP) qualify by:

  • Being either US citizens or legal permanent residents (LPR, or greencard holders)
  • Having tax year earnings at or below the TAP income limit

Unemployed taxpayers whose tax year earnings were at or below the TAP income limit prior to collecting taxable unemployment benefits, even if the total of earnings and unemployment exceed the income limit.

These clients are assisted by faculty, local CPA volunteers, and Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College student volunteers familiar with US tax law. These people staff many different locations in the Michiana area.

Additionally, the program provides individual on-site help (at home, extended care facility, social service agency) to mobility impaired taxpayers unable to visit a regularly scheduled TAP return preparation center. During the tax season (February through April 15) telephone 574-631-7863 to request such help. After April 15, please call 574-631-4644 for follow-up service in the domestic program.

Taxpayers should bring:

  • social security cards for all individuals listed on the return
  • a driver’s license or government issued identification card
  • copies of tax year 2012 federal and state tax returns
  • W-2 forms
  • other paper work that reports income
  • information from financial institutions

Information concerning possible itemized deductions should be made available to the tax preparation volunteers. Such deductions include:

  • real estate taxes
  • personal property taxes
  • medical costs
  • charitable contributions
  • documentation that supports spending for child and/or dependent care

Last year more than 3,900 tax returns were filed for Michiana residents by TAP personnel.  Four of the sites will have certified public accountants on duty.  Taxpayers with more complicated tax problems ( e.g., capital gains and/or losses, business income or losses, death in the family ) are encouraged to bring their information to these centers:

  • River Park Library branch
  • Western Library branch
  • Downtown South Bend Library
  • Downtown Mishawaka Public Library

The domestic division currently provides tax services at the centers listed below. [SJCPL is the acronym for St. Joseph County Public Library.] Click on the site links to learn hours of operation during the week and to view a map.

Notre Dame Center for Art & Culture (at the Hansel Center)
Mishawaka-Penn Public Library
ND Center for Social Concerns
SJCPL - Center Branch
SJCPL - Main Branch
SJCPL - River Park Branch
SJCPL - Western Branch
Saint Mary's College


The Internal Revenue Service and the various state governments provide free access to many of their publications and tax forms. These can be read online or copies can be downloaded for personal use. Downloaded copies come in Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted files, which require Adobe Reader to access the modules. Download a free copy of the Reader program at the Adobe site.

Download federal government forms or publications from the IRS web site. In both cases scroll down the page to find a window that provides access to what you are looking for.

In similar manner, Indiana forms and publications can be downloaded at the department of revenue web site.

The forms for all states can be obtained by first accessing a matrix of links to all the states in the US. Once there you select the state of interest and from that state's home page search for the publications or forms needed.

You are expected to download those forms and instructions and attempt to complete the returns. The TAP coordinator, if requested, will attempt to answer questions this process may generate.

If interested in direct internet filing of your state tax return, use the link to determine whether the state of your interest provides this function.