Mendoza School of Business


Double Major in ACCT/FIN

The Accountancy and Finance double major allows you to tailor your program of study to gain the highly sought-after skills that recruiters in both industries are increasingly seeking. Whether your path leads you to accounting or to finance, the double major better prepares you to take advantage of a broad range of career opportunities.

Examples of careers for Accountancy/Finance majors include:

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Buy-side Investor
  • Auditor
  • Company Controller
  • Credit Analyst
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Advisory
  • Forensics

What You’ll Learn

The two majors together provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of accounting, such as financial reporting and disclosure, and key areas of finance, such as investments and corporate finance, while also offering the flexibility to study areas of personal interest more deeply.

  • Click here to view the full curriculum for an Accountancy major with a secondary major in Finance.
  • Click here to view the full curriculum for a Finance major with a secondary major in Accountancy.

Application Process

Enrollment in the double major is limited to 50-100 students per year, based on available capacity. You can apply for the double major in the spring of your first year following your declaration of your primary major. Requirements of both Accountancy and Finance majors must be completed within eight semesters and you must select one of the disciplines as the primary major.

While earning a double major in Accountancy and Finance, you also can earn the required 150 hours of college credits with an accounting concentration necessary to be licensed as a CPA.