To excel in researching and teaching the theory and practice of finance as we serve, and are counseled by, the scholarly and Catholic mission of Our Lady’s University. Our basic paradigm is the optimal allocation of globally constrained resources to meet both social and economic objectives.

Specific components of the mission include:

  • Sustaining our progress in influencing the way financial academicians and practitioners identify and solve problems through our published research on fundamental issues in finance.
  • Emphasizing theoretical foundations and empirical evidence as the basis for enhancing student decision-making capabilities.
  • Through our personal commitment challenging and inspiring students to test their intellectual boundaries within the context of their overall development.



The programs of study leading to a degree, with a major in finance, are based on the conviction that successful administration in business demands an understanding of the operation of the individual firm and the environment in which it must function, as well as a command of the analytical tools essential to decision making. Thus, students selecting a major in the department are required to become knowledgeable in four distinct, but interrelated areas of study:

  • Analytical tools, including computers, spread sheet software, statistics, and economics
  • Functional area knowledge of the business firm, including Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing
  • Environmental issues, including an examination of both the legal and economic frameworks that condition business decisions and actions
  • Technical skills in the specific functional area chosen as a concentration in Finance