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Find the support to succeed from the Mendoza Women in Business Club

Published: March 9, 2023 / Author: Bryan Fields

Women at Mendoza are creating an environment that helps women succeed on their own merits in the business world. The Women in Business club creates a strong and encouraging community of students and alumnae and engages the entire Mendoza community to allow women to thrive as leaders in business and beyond. The club is open to women graduate students at Mendoza and in any business-related field.

“We want women to know that you’re smart, you’re a boss — use the things you’ve learned to accomplish your goals,” said Claire Prosperi (MBA ’23), club president. “We’re already put at a disadvantage compared with men, so why not have support to pursue a career and succeed based not on your gender but on your work ethic?”

The club empowers women by focusing on four main areas. First, professional development, including speakers, panel discussions, networking events, and mentoring, gives students opportunities to learn and connect with others. Second, social engagement, including happy hours, group dinners, and other activities, brings people together for fun and bonding. Third, community service, including food drives and other charitable events, offers the chance to give back. Fourth, health and well-being, including yoga and dance classes, improving body, mind, and spirit.

One of the club’s most important benefits is forming and cultivating continuing connections with like-minded women that last long after graduation.

“I enjoyed getting to know people and network, especially with alumnae, and doing it partnering with the club,” said Audrey Bakerson (MSM ’23), club executive vice president. “That’s a cool skill to have.”

Elli Ackermann (MBA ’23), club vice president of admissions, said the club also helped boost her confidence. “I found encouragement to do things outside of my comfort zone. You have people to encourage and inspire you to keep going.”

Interested in how the Women in Business club reach out to MBA Admissions for more information.


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