Mendoza School of Business
  • Back to Notre Dame

    "... I have many of our marvelous student-athletes in my classes. I am inspired by their hard work — starting their days while many of us are sound asleep, going to workouts, heading to class for hours, and then more practice in the afternoon, followed by studying (and with luck, some sleep). I hope that I honor my grandfather [Coach Michael DeCicco, ND ‘49] every day that I am blessed with this opportunity to teach these students who give so much of their time and talents to our university community."

    Jessica McManus Warnell (Associate Teaching Professor of Management & Organization)

  • A suitable position

    A trip back to campus for the Notre Dame-Navy game turned into something more.

    James Scofield O’Rourke, IV (BBA '68), Teaching Professor of Management

  • Back to the frontlines

    "...I have been on the 'frontlines' so many times that the word conjures a visceral feeling in me. It is hot and sweaty, yes, given the proximity of many of these communities to the equator. But it is also a feeling full of emotion – of adventure and adrenaline that accompanies late nights of intense problem solving. It is a roller coaster between feeling frustrated and defeated and feeling like one’s heart could burst at any moment from the formation of deep human connections despite differences in language, culture, and life experiences."

    Kelly (Chase) Rubey (MBA '16), Assistant Teaching Professor, Management & Organization Department

  • No. 1 responsibility

    Being ranked the No. 1 undergrad business school was always the means, a platform to share an important message with the business sector, recalls former Mendoza dean Carolyn Y. Woo.

    Carolyn Y. Woo

  • Walking with my dad

    "...Throughout my life I’ve often been next to my Dad professionally, socially, reputationally," writes the daughter of former Mendoza dean Jack Keane (BS Commerce '52). "No better place. And that’s where I was witnessing Dad recounting and reviewing his 89 years. What a life he had."

    Sharon Keane (ND '84, Director of ND Alumni Association Professional and Academic Programs)

  • The ‘greatest life’ continued at Notre Dame

    "As stated in The Greatest Life article published in the spring of 2015, I have been truly blessed because of my involvement at Notre Dame as a student during 1953-1957, a Dean during 1981-1987 and continuing as the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance from 1987-2015."

    Frank K. Reilly (BS Commerce ’57, Emeritus Professor of Finance)

  • Yusaku Furuhashi
    Remembering Yusaku Furuhashi

    "...He was a humble, kind, wise, and hardworking man who truly loved Notre Dame, his work there, and being a member of the Notre Dame family."

    Mari Bailey, daughter of Yusaku Furuhashi

  • Ken Milani
    Mendoza’s mark on the Milani family

    A long-time professor reflects on the compassion, support and commitment of the Mendoza community to his family during difficult trials.

    Ken Milani, professor of accountancy

  • My time at Notre Dame

    Lee A. Tavis (BS Commerce '53, C. R. Smith Emeritus Professor of Finance)

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