Mendoza School of Business
  • Echoes of Mendoza

    "... Notre Dame and Mendoza will always be a place I remember when envisioning where I want my life and career to go. Beyond the impacts on my choices since South Bend, I am committed to professional impact that incorporates much of what I have learned – from effective business principles, to inter-cultural awareness, to the value of a good day’s work, to the belief that business can be a tremendous force for good."

    Mike Weppler (MBA '17)

  • Looking back

    "...As I write this, I continue to look forward to making a positive impact and doing what I can to think of others and improve our community.  I am now on my third tour as a senior AmeriCorps volunteer through Experience Matters."

    Michael W. Colbert (MBA ’80)

  • Back to the frontlines

    "...I have been on the 'frontlines' so many times that the word conjures a visceral feeling in me. It is hot and sweaty, yes, given the proximity of many of these communities to the equator. But it is also a feeling full of emotion – of adventure and adrenaline that accompanies late nights of intense problem solving. It is a roller coaster between feeling frustrated and defeated and feeling like one’s heart could burst at any moment from the formation of deep human connections despite differences in language, culture, and life experiences."

    Kelly (Chase) Rubey (MBA '16), Assistant Teaching Professor, Management & Organization Department

  • Staying grounded

    "... Viva keeps us grounded in the reality that there are people in the world that don’t have the same opportunities as us, and she reminds us that we have the power to change that. For that reason, it’s fitting that the class happens in the last semester of the program, because BOTFL is the apposite culmination of the ND MBA, one last reminder that it’s our responsibility to carry our lessons learned beyond the classroom and into our new jobs and our new communities."

    Paul Freehill (MBA ‘19)

  • The missing piece

    "... The MBA was a piece that was missing for my future career as a healthcare executive and consultant."

    Jim Zwald (MBA '90)

  • MBA dream deferred

    The Vietnam draft disrupted the studies of several members of the first MBA class that arrived in South Bend in fall 1967. But Vincent George never gave up on his dream to earn a Notre Dame degree.

    Vincent L. “ Vinny” George (MBA '73)