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Career Leadership Course

A central component of your career development experience is our Career Leadership Course, which meets twice per week during Module #1 (your first seven weeks on campus).  The course serves as a strong foundation for your career development and consists of the following phases:

Career Leadership Course

  • Understand the MBA Marketplace:
    • Gain an in-depth breakdown of the career paths MBA graduates tend to pursue, the industries in which those paths exist, and the employers who hire MBAs
    • Attend Functional Deep Dive sessions featuring alumni and practitioners
    • Build a targeted job search plan
  • Understand your skills and core strengths
    • Identify and articulate your top achievements
    • Translate your skills and achievements into core strengths MBA recruiters are looking for
  • Learn how to market yourself
    • Develop your pitch and leverage it through the networking process
    • Create high-impact branding documents (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters)
    • Learn how to prepare for MBA-level interviews



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"The Notre Dame alumni network is a huge asset in networking to find an internship! Networking early and often will set you up for the best opportunity for success."

Lauren Harville, '14
Brand Management
Abbott Nutrition