Students at Notre Dame are admitted to the University’s First Year of Studies, not to an individual school or college. However, upon application to Notre Dame, all students are asked to make a non-binding indication of the college or school, and specific major or discipline they intend to pursue.

Applicants who indicate an intent to enroll into the Mendoza College of Business will be informed at the time of admission whether they are "preapproved" to do so at the end of their first year. Those that are accepted by Notre Dame, but not preapproved for Mendoza, may pursue any other college and major and avail themselves of the transfer application processes noted below if their interest in business continues. Students preapproved to major in business who change their minds, are free to major in any other college or school at Notre Dame. The timing of the switch may have consequences, however, that should be carefully considered.


First Year students at Notre Dame who were not pre-approved for Mendoza have two opportunities to apply for transfer into the College of Business. This process is handled entirely by the Office of Admissions and additional specifics can be found on their website​.  First Year students are reminded through the FYS newsletter in December and April of the internal transfer process and of the relevant application deadlines in the winter (Jan/Feb) and spring (May/June).  FY students who are interested in pursuing business are encouraged to let their FY advisor know so they can advise them on course selection in the first year​​. No transfers into Mendoza will be considered outside of these two application windows and all internal transfers must be accepted into Mendoza prior to the start of their sophomore year. The application process is competitive and the number of openings will be managed to ensure the University achieves its stated goal of 550 BBA degrees per class for Mendoza.


Applications for external transfer to Mendoza from another university occur in the spring of the freshman year and are contingent upon successful completion of one year at another institution. This is a highly competitive process and students are advised that not all majors may be open to them as their acceptance is dependent upon the needs of the college. External transfers will be assigned a specific business major and must also matriculate as a first semester sophomore into the Mendoza College of Business.

All transfer students are expected to complete, at a minimum, a semester of Calculus, Statistics and Principles of Microeconomics prior to the start of the sophomore year.

For more information about admission to the University of Notre Dame or the Mendoza College of Business, contact the Notre Dame Office of Admissions at (574) 631-7505 or