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Katie Wowak interviewed about supply chain shortages in AP News.

Katie Wowak and Nick Berente published their research on behavioral inertia in service centers in the Journal of Operations Management.

ITAO launches the new PhD Program in Analytics.

John Lalor published his work using AI to improve health literacy in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Katie Wowak published research on food recalls in the Journal of Business Logistics.

Kirsten Martin named the director of Notre Dame’s Technology Ethics Center.

Mike Chapple interviewed about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack in USA Today, Forbes, and a host of other media outlets.

Ahmed Abbasi was a finalist for the American Marketing Association’s Hunt/Maynard Award for his work examining omni-channel customer journeys.

ITAO’s Robert Easley and Jennifer Waddell were named to CDO Magazine’s 2021 List of Leading Data Academics.

Degree Programs


  • Master of Science in Business Analytics: offered in Chicago and in South Bend
    • With the MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) from Notre Dame, you create impact. You understand the techniques and challenges of data while telling the stories of data in a powerful way. You have the unique skills and knowledge to access instant realities, build analysis models, create simulation scenarios and communicate recommended next steps.
  • MBA majors offered by the ITAO Department:
    • Our Business Analytics major provides future leaders with the skills to develop data-driven insights that support clear decision making and successful strategies.
    • Our Supply Chain Management major builds an essential understanding of the flow of goods and services in the modern economy, and how to harness it for competitive advantage.
  • PhD in Analytics:
    • The PhD in Analytics is a full-time, in-residence program designed to develop thought-leaders in the analytics space that are engaged in impactful, cutting-edge scholarly research that considers the ethical dimension of data and its usage.



Our Business Analytics (BAN) major, and Business Technology (MBTC) minor are in great demand from Silicon Valley to Chicago and around the world. In the digital age every organization is a technology organization, and they are hiring BAN majors and MBTC minors to lead digital innovation in every industry, including technology, consulting, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Business Analytics Major: As a BAN major, students learn scientific, data-driven analysis of business operations. The Business Analytics major is oriented toward statistical methods and data analysis, focusing on topics such as predictive analytics and data visualization with a strong emphasis on statistics and mathematical methods. Students learn how to discover patterns, make predictions, tell stories and derive meaning from complex data sets. BAN Major jobs: Data Analyst (customer, market, financial, supply chain, etc.), consultant. Courses: R, Python, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Management, Unstructured Data (for a full list of courses, see our full course list).
  • Business Technology Minor: As a MBTC minor, students learn the fundamentals of solving business problems with technology. The Business Technology minor equips students with the skills to generate value with digital technologies. Students learn how to come quickly up to speed on the business applications of the continuous waves of new technologies, and how to use them to improve products and processes. The Business Technology minor explores how IT can help companies gain a competitive advantage in a digital economy. Students design and configure applications, deploy the latest tools to increase efficiency, jointly make information more accessible and secure, successfully lead a project and enhance productivity, and help organizations to ethically and responsibly achieve their goals (for a full list of courses see: course list).
    • To view a summarized list of the required courses and electives for the MBTC minor click here.
    • To apply for a minor in Business Technology please use this link to access the application.

Faculty & Research

ITAO Faculty


ITAO Research Areas


ITAO Research Labs

  • GAMA Lab (Gaming Analytics and Business Lab)
  • HAL (Human-centered Analytics Lab)


Click Here to see ITAO faculty bios

Department Administration

 Professor Rob Easley

John W. Berry Sr. Chair of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations

Contact: (574) 631-6077 or


Professor Jennifer Waddell

Assistant Department Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Contact: (574) 631-9356 or


Bailey Smith

Administrative Assistant

Contact: (574) 631-6183 or

ITAO Industry Advisory Board

Read More
  • AbbVie (Rik Flor ’95)
  • Accenture (Paul Loub)
  • Adobe (Mike Gunville, ’01)
  • Amazon (Matt Prozaki, MSBA ’19)
  • BMO Financial Group, (Ben Schack, ’03)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (Joe Sifer ’87; Cutter Brenton, ’10)
  • Civis Analytics (Joe McBrayer, ’09)
  • Credit Suisse (Emmet Murphy)
  • Deloitte (Kevin McCarter, ’85; Michael Bechtel, ’98; Meghan Roeder, ’09)
  • EY (Dan Sernett ’86; Joe Tsai, ’09)
  • Google (Laura Rokita, ’09)
  • Guaranteed Rate Mortgage (Ted Dowd ’11)
  • KPMG (Eric Parker, ’99)
  • LinkedIn (Kristine Yuen ’10)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Julianne Crimmins Soriano, ’13)
  • Monroe Community College (Eileen Wirley, ’82, CIO)
  • The Nielsen Company (Lauren Keller ’09)
  • Progressive Insurance (Mike Giberti, ’88)
  • Protiviti (Gregory E. Hedges, ’81)
  • PwC (Joe Nocera, ’97)
  • RCM (Jenni Lankfer ’09)
  • RJ Reliance Consulting (Bill Harrington, ’92; Alex Kirkpatrick ’12)
  • Sagence Group, Inc. (Ed Pok, ’98)
  • Sally’s Beauty Supply (Joe Brenner, ’90)
  • (Susie Turk, ’98)
  • SAP (Donald Ginocchio, ’81; Dornn Harris, ’09)
  • Slalom Consulting (Katie Kelleher, ’10)
  • ThoughtSpot (Angela Hooper, ’02)
  • University of Notre Dame (Mike Brown, ’01)

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