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Digital Marketing Minor

A Minor For Non-Mendoza Students To Complement Your Major

Drive Digital Connections and Real-World Impact

Complement your major with a Digital Marketing Minor and be a creative force

Today’s digitally connected world allows us to connect with friends all around the world, video chat with family in other time zones and read about any interest we may have without leaving the comforts of home. For businesses in every industry producing any number of items, this means it is harder than ever to reach your target audience.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be more than 20 Billion connected devices, more than 2.5 per person throughout the world. Gartner Inc., Internet of Things Research 2017

Businesses big and small, in every corner of the world, and selling any and every type of product rely on digital marketing to reach their consumers. If you’re interested in launching a career in marketing, advertising, PR or content creation, read on to learn how this minor could be the advantage you need.

What You’ll Learn: Course and Classes

Beginning in Fall 2019, the Mendoza College of Business launched a Digital Marketing Minor for non-Mendoza students at Notre Dame. This minor will provide you with baseline marketing skills so you understand the language of business, and to help you land internships and jobs.

This minor is also designed to complement your major and help launch a career that is challenging, creative and fun.

  • The 15-credit-hour program is designed to complement a student’s major, presenting fundamental marketing concepts as well as courses specific to digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing is part psychology, part design, part creative writing, part video and part analytics.
  • Students will learn to assess customer needs, build social media strategies, manage online and mobile customer engagement, and track and measure key metrics.
  • As part of the coursework, students will earn platform certifications, including Hootsuite’s social marketing and advanced social advertising.

To read more about the digital marketing courses, expand the course titles below.

  • Foundations of Marketing – 3 credit hours
  • Consumer Behavior OR Marketing Research – 3 credit hours

Digital Marketing is an essential and powerful component of modern marketing, and a driving force for how firms establish and strengthen customer relationships. This course will introduce Digital Marketing frameworks that enable firms to deeply understand and engage with each of their customers and prospects across their buyer’s journey. In this course, we will review and apply digital marketing strategies to build social media eminence, effectively engage customers and prospects, and successfully promote brands, products and services with data driven tools and techniques. Frameworks that enable firms to deploy a digital-first integrated marketing strategy with a measurement system to sense and respond to in-market performance indicators will be examined.

The rise of the ‘Internet Generation’ and the increasing popularity of social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as the proliferation of customer and company blogs have forced companies to develop fundamentally new strategies and tactics for monitoring and reaching customers. In this class, we will look at what companies around the world are doing to leverage social media as a critically important marketing tool. The course will focus on the seller side of social media and depend heavily on outside experts and case examples. We will examine the dynamic strategies and tactics that leading companies are using to supplement their traditional marketing with a wide variety of social media platforms, blogs, dashboards, and the like. We will see how companies enhance their marketing by using social media to monitor closely customers and competitors, to improve lead generation, to build more credible reference stories and contacts, to conduct low cost and quick customer surveys, to clarify market misperceptions, to guide market solution development and refinement, and many other uses.

The overarching principle of this course is to understand and examine the strategic components of a broader, multichannel (Omni-channel) customer engagement approach. Multichannel customer engagement has become an imperative to preserving existing relationships and growing customer value across a broad spectrum of industries. In this course, we will examine customer acquisition, customer retention and customer expansion strategies using online and mobile marketing methods and tools currently in vogue. Students will work on hands on projects to develop an integrated marketing presence for firms with targeted and dynamic content to maximize customer engagement

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted every fall and spring semester. To apply for the digital marketing minor in the next application round, please complete the Digital Marketing Minor Application by March 8th.
  • For more information, please contact Brandy Babcock (, 574-631-6419) in the Marketing Department.
  • Admission decisions will be made by March 22nd so that all applicants may plan their Fall 2024 course schedules accordingly.


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