Mendoza School of Business

Make Your Mark

  • Turning points

    "... I desired more principled meaning in my professional business career and the reform of one of the most corruptible towns in America delivered an ethical cause greater than myself to establish policy decisions made chiefly on the ethic of moral fairness rather than political machine power reciprocity."

    William J. Comerford (BBA '60)

  • Taking AIM

    "... I’d heard the stories of the grueling workload that lead to many late nights in the BIC. This, combined with the roughly 8-to-1 ratio of men to women in our class, made AIM the last place I expected I’d meet my future wife."

    Tom Haddad (BBA '11)

  • Career restart

    "...Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to or in front of prospective Notre Dame students, I focus primarily on young women and their parents and work to assure them of the deep, long-lasting value the Notre Dame experience and degree can have on young women’s lives — in every peak and valley, reboot and re-tooling."

    Kathleen McCarthy Walsh (BBA '86)

  • Discovering Notre Dame’s magic

    "... Imagine nervously sitting down to take a finance exam and suddenly, someone in a gorilla suit comes running into the classroom with a box of snacks and drinks. Quickly, you realize that the guy in the suit is your professor! You smile and your test day jitters instantly diminish as you apply the concepts learned in class to the exam questions."

    Jane Bloom (BBA '04)

  • 100 Years of Global Perspective

    "Ask me how 'global' our business education was during my ND years and I'd say it depended on your major."

    Phil Calandra (BBA '72)

  • A suitable position

    A trip back to campus for the Notre Dame-Navy game turned into something more.

    James Scofield O’Rourke, IV (BBA '68), Teaching Professor of Management

  • Invaluable lessons

    A marketing major recalls her B-school experience in the late 1970s and lessons learned.

    Karen Broderick Tourville (BBA '79)

  • Back to the frontlines

    "...I have been on the 'frontlines' so many times that the word conjures a visceral feeling in me. It is hot and sweaty, yes, given the proximity of many of these communities to the equator. But it is also a feeling full of emotion – of adventure and adrenaline that accompanies late nights of intense problem solving. It is a roller coaster between feeling frustrated and defeated and feeling like one’s heart could burst at any moment from the formation of deep human connections despite differences in language, culture, and life experiences."

    Kelly (Chase) Rubey (MBA '16), Assistant Teaching Professor, Management & Organization Department

  • Ask more of you

    "...That summer, I signed up to volunteer at an orphanage and teach English in El Crucero, Nicaragua. While I expected to arrive and volunteer my heart, I found myself instead volunteering my mind with a focus on classroom logistics and online fundraising for the larger organization. I was using business as a force for good. Business itself was just a tool — its use and application were what mattered."

    Jake Bebar (BBA '15)

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