Vatican financial reform leader Zahra to speak at Notre Dame

Carol Elliott

In February, Pope Francis gathered with the College of Cardinals and a group of laypersons inside Vatican City’s Synod Hall for a historic event: to receive an update on the financial health of the Holy See.


Until very recently, only the pope and a small group of his closest aides were privy to the details of the Vatican Bank’s financial status. But Pope Francis has made financial reform a top priority, not only opening the books for scrutiny but convening a panel including six highest-caliber lay Catholics. Joseph Zahra, a former chairman of Malta’s Bank of Valletta and director of the island nation’s central bank was selected to serve as chair.…

'I raised my hand': Four leaders discuss the lessons they learned along diverse career paths

Carol Elliott

The three panelists settling into their chairs on the Jordan Auditorium stage shared athletics as a common background. But almost as soon as introductions were over, it became clear that it was their leadership experience that would make for a lively evening.

“Lessons in Leadership: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom,” held Oct. 16, featured four participants – three panelists and a moderator – who brought a wealth of frank insights about what it takes to lead a team:…

Francis Challenges Us All

Martijn Cremers

In an opinion piece for U.S. News & World Report, Mendoza finance professor Martijn Cremers writes that the pope has a message that extends far beyond capitalism and climate change.

A class taught by top CEOs

Carol Elliott

As a former chief executive of American Airlines, Tom Horton has quite a story to tell.


After all, he became CEO on the day that American’s parent company, AMR, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011. Horton subsequently led the company through a very successful restructuring and turnaround, which culminated in the 2013 merger with US Airways, creating the world's largest airline.…