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    January 21, 2020
    The rise and fall of American Apparel

    Management professor James S. O'Rourke provided commentary for the CNBC report “The Rise And Fall Of American Apparel.” His remarks begin at the 7:01 mark.


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    January 13, 2020
    Clashing with your colleagues over trump can boost stock returns

    A BNN Bloomberg piece exploring the link between partisanship and decisions on asset-allocation referenced a paper by finance professor Rafael Zambrana and his co-researchers that looked at how the political diversity of money managers working in teams affected their fund performance.


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    January 10, 2020
    New era of offshore gushers portends flood of oil amid glut

    In a piece by Gulf Times, finance professor Gianna Bern offers insight into what the new oil discoveries will do in a market already glutted.

    Gulf Times

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    January 8, 2020
    How to work with difficult people without losing your cool (or your job)

    Management professor Brittany Solomon explains how boosting your emotional intelligence and trying to understand others' perspectives can help manage working relationships in a DZone article.


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    January 6, 2020
    Having coffee with Martijn Cremers

    Dean Cremers was recently featured in Notre Dame Magazine's "Having Coffee with Martijn Cremers." The profile presents Martijn's “'integrated vision of business' that is grounded in Catholic social teaching and firmly in touch with the humanities and the new big-data frontier."

    ND Magazine

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    January 2, 2020
    Building an ethical career

    Ann Tenbrunsel's research into the ethical mirage, which is the tendency to overestimate the virtuousness of our future selves, was used in a piece by Harvard Business Review about being intentionally ethical in your career.

    Harvard Business Review

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    December 26, 2019
    How disinformation hacks your brain

    In a blog post for Scientific American, Brett Beasley, associate director of the ND Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, describes the effect on our truth judgments when we are repeatedly subjected to fake news. "How Disinformation Hacks Your Brain" explores recent cases of disinformation campaigns and presents suggestions "to keep our guard up in the post-truth era."

    Scientific American

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    December 24, 2019
    Boeing takes ‘good step’ with CEO ouster, but recovery could be years away

    Changing the CEO following crises is certainly a way to signal to shareholders, stakeholders and customers that the company is taking the issues seriously, said management professor Tim Hubbard in a piece for CBC News about the removal of Boeing's CEO.

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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    December 23, 2019
    With Muilenburg gone, attention turns to Boeing’s culture and engineering

    Management professor Tim Hubbard was quoted in a Chicago Sun-Times piece about the current culture at Boeing which has seen their Max planes grounded worldwide after two disasters.

    Chicago Sun-Times

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    December 23, 2019
    After deadly crashes of marquee aircraft, Boeing CEO is out

    According to management professor Timothy Hubbard in an article for MSN Monday there are indications of fundamental issues with the way the company is being managed and a new CEO could jump-start changes at Boeing.

    MSN Money