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    How we define success

    Management professor Joe Holt was a featured guest on WVPE, speaking about how success is defined and its relationship to happiness and fulfillment.


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    Private equity funds, sensing profit in tumult, are propping up oil

    Finance professor Sophie Shive was interviewed by the New York Times about the investment in the energy sector by secretive private equity groups.

    New York Times

  • What the USPS’s future could mean for your holiday gifts

    News Nation interviewed management professor James O'Rourke about the likelihood of higher prices and a slowdown at the USPS for the holiday season.

    News Nation

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    From paints to plastics, a chemical shortage ignites prices

    Supply chain expert and management professor Kaitlin Wowak was quoted in an AP piece about the continued supply chain issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.

    Associated Press

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    AI in admissions can reduce or reinforce biases

    Tech ethics expert and professor at Mendoza College of Business Kirsten Martin was interviewed by Diverse Education in Higher Education about AI's potential power to close equity gaps or augment them, depending on how the tools are used.

    Diverse Issues in Higher Education

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    Delta will hike insurance premiums and limit sick pay for unvaccinated employees

    CNN interviewed management professor Joe Holt in a piece about Delta Airlines new policy to penalize unvaccinated employees by raising health insurance premiums and limiting sick time for COVID-19 cases, and mandating masks indoors and weekly testing. "It seems more likely that a big stick will motivate employees more than small carrots will," Holt said.

    CNN Business

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    Women in finance need to be aware of negotiation approaches

    Management professor Joe Holt was interviewed by Traders Magazine for an article about negotiation options for women in the finance world.

    Traders Magazine

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    Active vs passive: 2 reasons why active wins

    Live Wire covered ground-breaking research by finance professor and Dean of Mendoza College of Business Martijn Cremers which showed that only the most distinct and most patient funds go on to meaningfully outperform the stock market over very long periods.

    Live Wire

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    Why bond funds may be riskier than they seem

    A Financial Times opinion piece examines research by finance professor Huaizhi Chen which found that almost a third of supposedly safe US bond funds are actually riskier than their classification would imply.

    Financial Times

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    Politics: The minders and Mandarins of capitalism

    The Wall Street Journal reviewed management professor Jim Otteson's book “Seven Deadly Economic Sins," calling it a fine effort to introduce readers to the basic principles of market economics."

    Wall Street Journal

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