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  • a group of frontlines students stands in front of a reservation sign.
    Frontlines in America partners with Summit Lake Paiute

    University of Notre Dame MBA students in Frontlines in America were invited to work with the Summit Lake Paiute tribe on a project to support their efforts for economic sovereignty.

    Business on the Frontlines

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    Latest Frontlines course applies frameworks to regenerate economies, ecologies

    Students in the REEL class learn social systems thinking and mapping, holistic management practices and strategic planning while each bringing the strengths of their own discipline to bear on the project they’re co-creating with their partner organizations.

    Business on the Frontlines

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    Giving back to do great good

    An interview with Ken Meyer (BS ‘66), the philanthropist behind the Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program 

    Business on the Fronlines

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    The trauma-informed classroom

    Kelly Rubey, assistant teaching professor of management & organization, wrote a piece for Notre Dame Learning about her work in the field of trauma informed leadership.

    Kelly Rubey

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    Business on the Frontlines continues work with Palestinian artisans

    Notre Dame MBA students enrolled in Frontlines courses work in the West Bank and with communities around the world that have suffered violence, poverty and prejudice.

    Shannon Roddel

  • Deloitte Scholars in a board room in Poland
    Grow Irish Week elevates graduate business student experience

    Grow Irish Week is designed to provide meaningful skill-building and field experience for career development through immersive, off-campus learning opportunities.

    Brandi Wampler

  • a group of students and advisors for the Meyer Frontlines program stand in front of buildings in Poland holding a Ukrainian flag.
    Rebuilding Ukraine’s Future

    “The scope of this project was for UCU to set up a foundation in Wroclaw to help these refugees adapt to Polish society, but also from the other lens, too – it’s how do you help Polish citizens welcome the Ukrainian refugees?” said Jack Joswick (MBA ’23).

    Brendan O’Shaughnessy and Paige Risser

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    Impact, entrepreneurship and empowerment – how business schools are helping refugees

    Forbes writes about business schools' efforts to make an impact on global societal issues. Mendoza College of Business' Meyer Business on the Frontlines program utilizes the dynamic skills of business to address issues including post-conflict rehabilitation, poverty, illicit economies, isolation and prejudice.


  • christmas tree
    Mendoza Christmas Market

    Shop nonprofits that work with Mendoza programs to support a number of good causes this Christmas season.

    Brandi Wampler

  • man sitting outside
    New faculty brings peacebuilding experience to Business on the Frontlines

    Notre Dame Peace Studies grad Drew Marcantonio is bringing his expertise in peacebuilding and environmental research to one of Mendoza's most prominent programs: Business on the Frontlines.

    Brandi Wampler