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    A business fellowship program tackles ethics through the lens of The Holocaust

    “We are taking a group of people that are really interested in ethical behavior and showing them how organizations, systems and individuals themselves can be led astray,” said Ann Tenbrunsel, the David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics at Mendoza College of Business.

    Poets & Quants

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    Business in the Holy Land

    Faculty from the Mendoza College of Business and the Pulte Institute for Global Development developed the inaugural “Reimagining Business Excellence” program with the director of the Jerusalem Global Gateway, to bring together university experts with leaders and entrepreneurs who work and care for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

    Brendan O’Shaughnessy (ND '93)

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    Firms address corporate scandal with lengthy codes of ethics, study shows

    New research from the University of Notre Dame examines how firms are addressing the problem through the language in their public ethics documents.

    Shannon Roddel

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    Trader Joe’s keeps issuing recalls. Rocks, insects, metal in our food. Is it time to worry?

    "Modern supply chains are longer and more complex than ever before, which makes it increasingly more difficult for companies to ensure the quality of every single product they sell," Wowak said in a USA Today piece.

    USA Today

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    Disclosing ‘true normal price’ recommended to protect consumers from deceptive pricing

    Research by Joe Urbany, professor of marketing at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, critically evaluates two assumptions underlying the FTC’s decision to halt deceptive pricing prosecution.

    Shannon Roddel

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    ND TEC Director Martin Joins State Center’s Data Technology & Practices Panel

    Kirsten Martin, the director of the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) and a nationally recognized expert in privacy, technology, and business ethics, has joined the Data Technology & […]

    Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center

  • Insight into human trafficking

    In this podcast by Notre Dame Stories, Dean Shepherd, the Ray and Milann Siegfried Professor of Entrepreneurship in Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business discusses his research into the organization of sex work and human trafficking in India.

    Notre Dame Stories

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    ‘Ragpickers’ of Mumbai use entrepreneurship to find meaning, study shows

    A new study from the University of Notre Dame's Dean Shepherd considers meaning-making in the face of difficult dirty work by examining the “ragpickers” in Mumbai, India.

    Shannon Roddel

  • The organization of sex trafficking

    A new study from the University of Notre Dame Professor of Management Dean Shepherd examines how human traffickers systematically target girls and women from impoverished villages in India and take them to big cities like Mumbai, where they transform objections into compliance.

    Shannon Roddel

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    Mission Driven

    Graduate students in Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program may have started small, but their goal of making an impact grew into reality by raising tens of thousands of dollars for a South Bend community group and veterans’ housing.

    Brendan O’Shaughnessy